27 Very Kanye West Quotes That Summarize How His Brain Works

27 Very Kanye West Quotes That Summarize How His Brain Works

Kanye West has a lot to say.

We've seen this for the last decade-plus, and he proved it again on Friday morning (Feb. 20), during an appearance on 'The Breakfast Club' on Power 105 in New York. The interview was less contentious than the last time, when things got tense between he and Charlamagne tha God -- which lead to a rant on stage against the host a few months later.

Today, Kanye seemed both happier and more comfortable than last time around -- but he had just as much worthwhile to say.

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From a rivalry between Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé, to some shade for Amber Rose, to new music and a possible Drake collab album, Yeezy did the Yeezy thing. It was an hour-long talk, so we pulled his 27 best quotes.

  1. He's redefining 'humility'

    Humbly, I would say I’m the most influential person in footwear right now…I’ll say, ‘truthfully.’

  2. He admits calling out Beck for not respecting artistry at the Grammys was a mistake Getty Images

    That was completely hypocritical...The other day I went to dinner and sat down with Taylor Swift, and, ironically, they were playing the Beck album. Maybe they did it on purpose so I could finally hear it. I was like, Man, this is kinda good. I ain’t even gonna lie...I got his number, and I was supposed to call him, but I keep forgetting.

  3. He's basically a time traveler

    I see stuff from the future, and I’m such a futurist that I have to slow down and talk in the present.

  4. He needs more Grammys Getty Images

    I think I deserve more.'

  5. He wants Mattel to respect real artistry (OK, he didn't specifically call them out) Getty Images

    'These toys is weak. [North] gotta have better toys than this.'

  6. He had to take 30 showers after dating Amber Rose Getty Images

    If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose...It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that’s with Amber Rose. So she wasn’t sending nothing. I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim. Don’t ask me no more. I wanna be respectful.

  7. He salutes Tyga's relationship with Kylie Jenner Getty Images

    I think he got in early. I think he was smart. They closer in age than a lot of relationships that I know. I knew Tyga was smart.

  8. He's gonna be the biggest businessman of all-time and give out rapper reparations

    I believe that I’m gonna be the head of the first trillion dollar company. When I get to that point, no rapper would ever have to worry about anything again...I owe every hip-hop artist.

  9. He's not a genius, merely a servant

    I don’t even wanna give myself any form of a title anymore. I’m not calling myself a genius. I’m not calling myself a visionary. Only thing I could say is that I’m a servant.

  10. His dad advised him to not speak out about Michael Brown's death Getty Images

    My dad e-mailed me and said, Stay out of it. Now, my dad is like 1000 times smarter than me, and 1000 times more social than me. He literally lived at a homeless shelter. He emailed me and told me stay out of it. That’s my only parent. I have to listen to him sometimes. I think he was just trying to be protective of his son. I can run in front of every bullet.

  11. He thinks Beyoncé and Kim are like Kobe and LeBron Getty Images

    They love each other. They respect each other. When Beyoncé's working on an album, she has pictures of Kim on the wall, because Kim represents powerful women. Kim be playing ’711′ video, playing it for our daughter. Maybe there’s a LeBron James-Kobe element to it -- I ain’t say that.

  12. He was inspired by something Drake said Getty Images

    I went to this Drake concert in Germany. I flew to the concert to go see it. And he got this one line where he say something about, people be falling in love with famous girls and da-da-da and they don’t be working as much. And he rapped it -- he knew I was in the concert -- he like, looked down. But, you know, he was right. I gotta get on my job. And that’s why I got the end of that ‘Blessed’ -- ‘Hello, I’m back!’

  13. He almost recorded an album with Drake

    The ‘Wolves’ song came from a conversation that me and Drake had where we was gonna do an album together. And the album is called Wolves . Me and Jay started talking about Watch the Throne , and then Drake did all the records with Wayne and did the tour, and we never did it.

  14. His middle school's basketball coach invented the Kanye shrug

    I remember, I was trying to get on the basketball team in 8th grade. I hit every free throw, hit every lay up, and I looked at the list and I wasn’t on the list, and then the coach gave me the ‘Kanye shrug.’

  15. He knows what you're saying about the new Yeezys Getty Images

    People say that they look sort of like the Uggs, right? But what’s so bugged out is that I’m really working on trying to make a sexier Ugg.

  16. He wants to work with Disney

    In the same way Adidas supported me, I want Disney Imagineering to support my ideas.

  17. He still thinks Sway ain't got the answers

    He really didn’t have the answers. That was incorrect what he was saying. I could have said it in a calmer way, but he was misinformed.

  18. He's glad he went off during E!'s post-Grammy coverage https://vine.co/v/OUvFzdwQw3M

    That was turnt. I’m really happy I did that, man. That was really ignorant.

  19. He's working on an 'Only One' video game where you play as his mom Getty Images

    Right now I’m working on a video game for ‘Only One,’ and the idea is, it’s my mother going through the gates of heaven. And you gotta bring her to the highest gates of heaven…We’ve been working on it for like six months.

  20. He's the people's champ

    If you have power, you should empower...The power is in the people…The people chose me to be the people’s champ.

  21. He wants to push back against economic disparity

    As rich people, our focus shouldn’t be on how we get a new Phantom, how we get a bigger house. Our focus should be on, How do we help the middle to the lower class to have a better life?

  22. He wants to redefine beauty standards Getty Images

    My daughter has a chance of being shaped like my wife. So between this age and the age where she’s like that, I’m gonna be fighting for that shape to be considered the highest of class -- or, not the highest of class, at least equal to what someone looks at skinny model for.

  23. He thinks Kim's Paper spread was the right move https://instagram.com/p/vSE9XcuS9h/

    Now that she has access to...high level photographers, it’s important, I think, for her to stand up in all of her power. Her power is in her body, is in her nudity -- her power’s in her mind, her power is in her family, but body is one of the powers...She could get naked if she wants to. It’s not illegal.

  24. He shot the 'Blessings' video already Getty Images

    Right after I did the fashion show, I went to go shoot the ‘Blessings’ video with Drake and Sean, and I was so happy. I was so happy to go be able to do that. And I used to be resentful of having to go do music.

  25. His album is 80% done, and there won't be a release date

    I’m trying to get it to the people as soon as possible...Release dates is played out.

  26. His new album doesn't sound like Yeezus

    Bars. Songs. Cookout. Music that just feels good. My last album was a protest to music...This album’s just embracing the music, embracing joy and being of service to the people. I just hope that people like it and enjoy it.

  27. He's working on a documentary about Louis Farrakhan https://instagram.com/p/ykNvXHFrQ4/?modal=true&utm_source=partner&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=photo

    Right now I’m woking on a documentary with him, and about him. About his music. He’s a classically trained violinist…It’s a beautiful story about a beautiful soul that’s very misunderstood, and one of our most powerful messengers. It’s very important that we protect our messengers.

  28. He feels like he was disloyal to Dame Dash, but they're working together again Getty Images

    When Roc-A-Fella split, it made more sense for me, career-wise, to roll with Jay, even though Dame had supported me…Do I say that there was some disloyalty in that? Yeah, I own up to that. Is there anything that me and Dame could do together now to make money? I think so. We gonna work on films.