28 Nick Stars Who Snuck Their Way Onto Other Nick Shows

28 Nick Stars Who Snuck Their Way Onto Other Nick Shows

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Nickelodeon's been around for forever and a day and has produced some true staples of our childhood. It launched the careers of so many faves — including Ariana Grande , Kenan Thompson , and Amanda Bynes — and gifted us with amazing catchphrases like 'Hug me, brotha!'

But several sneaky celebs guest-starred on other Nickelodeon shows before, during, and after filming their own series. Expand your Nick knowledge with these stars' various roles, excluding actors playing themselves and crossover episodes.

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  1. Miranda Cosgrove Nickelodeon

    The Drake & Josh and iCarly actress guest-starred on episodes of Zoey 101 , Unfabulous , and Just Jordan in 2007 — playing a brainiac, a magician's assistant, and a piano prodigy, respectively.

  2. Nathan Kress Nickelodeon

    Freddie Benson from iCarly started his Nickelodeon career as an uncredited kid on Drake & Josh . During the height of his iCarly fame, Kress guest-starred as Prince Gabriel on True Jackson, VP , and later as an uncredited audience member on Victorious .

  3. Jennette McCurdy Nickelodeon

    Sam Puckett from iCarly and Sam & Cat once kissed Dustin on Zoey 101 ; played True Jackson's archenemy, Pinky, on True Jackson, VP ; and freaked out Tori Vega on Victorious .

  4. Jack Salvatore Jr. Nickelodeon

    Mark Del Figgalo from Zoey 101 guest-starred on the Victorious series finale as the guy in the Pajelehoocho commercial.

  5. Austin Butler Nickelodeon

    As MTV News previously pointed out , the Zoey 101 star appeared in 41 episodes of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as a background actor. He also guest-starred as Jake Krandle on iCarly the same year he joined the Zoey 101 universe.

  6. Jack De Sena Nickelodeon

    Eight years after finishing All That , De Sena guest-starred as a texting competition judge on Sam & Cat .

  7. Danny Tamberelli Nickelodeon

    After starring on both The Adventures of Pete & Pete and All That , Tamberelli played Spike Cipriano on 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd .

  8. Kel Mitchell Nickelodeon

    In between filming Kenan & Kel in the ’90s and Game Shakers in the ’10s, Mitchell played rapper Peezy B on Sam & Cat and a sensei on The Thundermans .

  9. Josh Server Nickelodeon

    This All That star is a major Nickelodeon veteran. He guest-starred on The Secret World of Alex Mack , Drake & Josh , and Sam & Cat . Server also appeared on Kenan & Kel , 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd , AND Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide . Damn, Ear Boy!

  10. Chelsea Brummet Nickelodeon

    While in the middle of filming All That , Brummet guest-starred on Drake & Josh as Drake Parker's inappropriately laughing girlfriend, Kelly Hayfer.

  11. Lisa Foiles Nickelodeon

    The All That star who gave us one-half of the ' Sugar and Coffee ' sketches guest-starred on Game Shakers in 2016 as a teacher educating kids about 'King Fuhd,' a parody of King Tut.

  12. Kyle Sullivan Nickelodeon

    Foiles's 'Sugar and Coffee' sketch partner on All That appeared on both The Secret World of Alex Mack and The Amanda Show .

  13. Nick Cannon Nickelodeon

    The All That actor who starred with Kenan Thompson in the ' Inconvenience Store ' sketches also appeared on Kenan & Kel and Taina during the same time.

  14. Jamie Snow Nickelodeon / DanWarp/YouTube

    After playing Tammy, an exchange student from Tennessee, on The Amanda Show , Snow guest-starred on episodes of Victorious and Sam & Cat . She was even Chase's new love in What Did Zoey Say? , the 10-years-later follow-up to the Zoey 101 time-capsule episode. Fun fact: Snow is a casting director for tons of Nick shows.

  15. Leon Thomas III Nickelodeon

    Before he became Andre Harris on Victorious , Thomas had guest-starring roles on Just for Kicks , Just Jordan , and iCarly . Three years after he played Harper on iCarly , Thomas returned to the show, but this time as his Victorious persona.

  16. Victoria Justice Nickelodeon

    The Victorious and Zoey 101 star worked on both True Jackson, VP and iCarly , playing a girl who wants to fight Carly Shay on the latter.

  17. Elizabeth Gillies Nickelodeon

    Jade West from Victorious once guest-starred on Big Time Rush as Heather Fox, James and Carlos's old camp friend.

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  18. Daniella Monet Nickelodeon

    Obnoxious Trina Vega on Victorious played Chase Matthews's snotty girlfriend, Rebecca, on Zoey 101 , and guest-starred on the Nora Dershlit episode of iCarly . She reprised her Victorious role on another iCarly episode a year later.

  19. Allison Scagliotti Nickelodeon

    Josh Nichols's archenemy turned girlfriend, Mindy Crenshaw, on Drake & Josh was also a P.C.A. student named Stacy on Zoey 101 .

  20. Yvette Nicole Brown Nickelodeon

    Drake & Josh 's Premiere manager Helen guest-starred on True Jackson, VP as Amanda Cantwell's temp, and on iCarly as an uncredited art class student.

  21. Jerry Trainor Nickelodeon

    Before Trainor guest-starred on Victorious as his iCarly persona, Spencer Shay, he played an uncredited audience member on an early episode.

  22. Jeremy Rowley Nickelodeon

    Wacky Lewbert from iCarly is another big Nickelodeon veteran. He's been the Crazy Hat Man on The Amanda Show , a sassy worker at a dance competition on Drake & Josh , and Schwahbbit on Henry Danger . Plus, Rowley played a homeless man who ended up with Moody's dad's severed toe on ' Moody's Point ,' as well as various characters on All That .

  23. Little JJ Nickelodeon

    The Just Jordan star guest-starred on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as James K. Polk Middle School's new class clown a year before his show aired.

  24. Ashley Argota Nickelodeon

    Before she was Lulu Johnson on True Jackson, VP , Argota played a girl named Kathy on an early iCarly episode.

  25. Malese Jow Nickelodeon

    The Unfabulous and Big Time Rush actress crushed on Larry Garcia on The Brothers Garcia , and later played Fake Carly on iCarly .

  26. Kendall Schmidt Nickelodeon

    The Big Time Rush star guest-starred as Justin, a cocky member of the band Night Lizard, on School of Rock .

  27. James Maslow Nickelodeon

    Before joining Big Time Rush , Maslow guest-starred on iCarly as heartthrob Shane, a boy who Carly and Sam fight over.

  28. Carlos PenaVega Nickelodeon

    The Big Time Rush alum played King Bee on two episodes of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide , and later stopped by The Thundermans as a tech rider.