29 Times HRG Was The Hottest Dad On 'Heroes'

29 Times Hrg Was Hottest Dad Onheroes

Some of the greatest heroes on ' Heroes ' are the ones with no powers to speak of — people like Mohinder Suresh, before he became a weird version of The Hulk, for instance.

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An even better example is Noah Bennet, better known as HRG, thanks to the horn-rimmed glasses he (almost) always wears. HRG hunts down and occasionally works with evolved humans, but he's not someone who can fly or cause earthquakes or rapidly heal himself, unless he has help from his adopted daughter Claire.

No, HRG has no powers at all… unless you count being a ridiculously hot dad as being a power, which, actually, I do.

Later this week, HRG will return in ' Heroes Reborn ,' and ahead of his comeback, let's remind ourselves why he's pretty much the hottest hero in the game.

  1. Because look at him. NBC
  2. Who needs powers when you look this good? NBC
  3. Who needs powers with one-liners like these? NBC
  4. He's the hottest Company man around. NBC
  5. He does not mess around at work. NBC
  6. He has equally hot best friends. NBC

    This hot dad comes with perks!

  7. He even has hot bad guy best friends. NBC
  8. Okay, best friends is pushing it. NBC
  9. But he's one of few people who can get into Sylar's head. NBC
  10. And he often used his own head to save people's lives. NBC
  11. …and sometimes that involved thinking fast in a foreign language. NBC
  12. Really, fluency in Japanese is a huge help in making hot friends, too. NBC
  13. How about his actual BFF, Matt Parkman? NBC
  14. How about Matt giving HRG power-massages on the fly? NBC
  15. Or all the times Matt and HRG should have made out, but didn't? NBC

    Missed connections.

  16. HRG has no time for fake smiles. NBC
  17. He has no time for you to screw up the job. NBC
  18. Sometimes, he has no time at all. NBC
  19. He only has time for the mission, and that means putting aside all nonsense. NBC
  20. And if you're giving him nonsense? He'll give you this: NBC
  21. At the end of the day, he still has time for Claire Bear. NBC
  22. Even though he almost got Claire and the rest of the family killed a few times. NBC
  23. But, hey! Let's focus on the positives! NBC
  24. Like the fact that he even looks hot when he's dead! NBC
  25. Although he looks much hotter alive. NBC
  26. But really, it's the glasses. NBC
  27. And not just any glasses. NBC
  28. Horn-rimmed or bust. NBC
  29. Now strut. NBC

    HRG Hotness Reborn premieres on September 24.