29 Times Robert Pattinson Proved He's More Than A Sexy Vampire

29 Times Robert Pattinson Proved Hes More Than Sexy Vampire

Because Robert Pattinson will forever be affiliated with ' The Twilight Saga ' -- and his career-defining role as the Ultimate Emo Undead Boyfriend therein -- people sometimes forget the truth about the Pattz: Namely, that there's so much more to him, as an actor and as a man, than a brooding, bloodsucking vampire with a sparkly epidermis.

And that's why today, in honor of Rob's 29th birthday, we've rounded up this list of reasons why he's the best thing around that have nothing to do with the dreaded V-word.

  1. For starters, he's not just a vampire. Remember when Robert Pattinson was the hottest Hufflepuff at Hogwarts? WE DO.
  2. And so did the 'Harry Potter' filmmakers, apparently -- since even after his character died in 'Goblet of Fire,' the camera still found excuses in later films to lovingly lingering on Rob's face every chance it could.
  3. Even when he's not playing someone supernatural, the Pattz is still onscreen magic. In addition to being a sexy vampire and a sexier wizard, Pattinson has also been a sexy vintage veterinarian...
  4. And a sexy social climber...
  5. And a sexy Cronenbergian businessman...
  6. And a sexy Salvador Dali, which, let's be honest, is not easy to do .
  7. Meanwhile, offscreen, Rob is far more than 'that guy who played Edward Cullen.'
  8. He's a model.
  9. He's a style icon.
  10. He's the future Mr. FKA Twigs.
  11. He's a terror behind the wheel!
  12. He's a punchline to one of Jimmy Fallon's best early bits.
  13. He's a BFF to Reese Witherspoon.
  14. Sometimes, he's even a bedspread. via TheHunt
  15. And, much like ogres and onions, he's a man with many layers.
  16. There was the time he revealed that he used to dream of headlining a rap act called 'Big Tub and the Tabby Cats.' http://youtu.be/4mHlg0vX9Q8
  17. And the time he owned up to suffering for the sake of beauty.
  18. And the time he became the best, viral, ongoing misattributed quote meme on the internet.
  19. And the time he blew up the Twiliverse by showing that he, himself, was secretly Team Jacob. WAT.
  20. And while Robert has always been appropriately grateful about the way that 'Twilight' set his career on fire, you've gotta appreciate the part where's he's not above making fun of it.
  21. Or of Edward.
  22. Or of himself, as Edward.
  23. Especially that last one.
  24. For realz: Robert Pattinson might be the Prince Charming of Vampires, but he's the King of Self-Deprecation.
  25. Which makes him both highly quotable...
  26. And endlessly entertaining.
  27. Sometimes, he even turns it around and asks us some difficult questions.
  28. And while he doesn't have fangs IRL, he can do this with his tongue, which is... better.
  29. Happy birthday, Robert Pattinson! You are SO MUCH MORE than a sexy vampire.