30 Seconds To Mars Debunk The Price Tag Of Their 'From Yesterday' Video

30 Seconds Mars Debunk Price Tag Theirfrom Yesterdayvideo

Over the course of 10 years and three hit albums, 30 Seconds to Mars have become notorious for a handful of reasons: A stunning live show, their rabid fans, frontman Jared Leto's approach to fashion and their envelope-pushing music videos. The latter is especially noteworthy, as Leto (who went to film school) has brought an incredible cinematic eye to the group's clips, leaving a handful of truly stunning images associated with their various hits. Leto has achieved technical mastery in the clip for 'The Kill,' went to Antarctica and Greenland for 'A Beautiful Lie' and went to China for 'Frame by Frame' treatment later this week.)

But the video for 'From Yesterday' became known for something that had nothing to do with the group's trip to China or it's convoluted plot. Back when it first premiered, word got around that the clip cost the band a whopping $13 million, which would have made it the priciest video of all time (surpassing even Michael and Janet Jackson's 'Scream' ).

'Contrary to Internet rumors, it did not cost $13 million to make,' Leto told MTV News. 'It was actually reported in [British music magazine] NME at the time, and they were talking about it like it was the most expensive video of all time.'

Leto added that it was actually a pretty streamlined shoot. 'It was a relatively inexpensive video to shoot, especially at that time,' he said.

'Compared to the result, for sure,' guitarist Tomo Milicevic added.


So there you have it: Another Internet urban legend dispelled!

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