31 GIFs That Describe Your Entire Thanksgiving Hosting Experience

31 Gifs That Describe Your Entire Thanksgiving Hosting Experience

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As Thanksgiving comes to a close and the meat sweats start to set in, let's take a moment and reflect upon all the hard work that you put into this bountiful meal. You know, the one you lovingly (and four-letter-word-fully) prepared and shared with your loved ones on this day of gratitude and, let's be real here, pro football.

If you hosted Thanksgiving this year, well, you're probably about ready for a nap right now. For everyone else who's ever been in charge of this large food-centric occasion, we know exactly how you felt being in that pressure cooker, so to speak.

Here are 31 GIFs that capture your entire Thanksgiving hosting experience.

  1. Shortly after Halloween, you realize, AGH, there's one more step before the gift-y holidays are truly here -- even if the onslaught of festive store decor would suggest otherwise.
  2. You've decided to host Thanksgiving. And you're gonna run that sh-t.
  3. You know your audience well.
  4. So your friends and fam are thoroughly amped about this.
  5. Like, they're super duper excited. And everyone's going to say they'll help, but you know they'll show up right on time with just one small pre-made side dish.
  6. You might even try being a little ~fancy~ with your menu this year (though you'll probably still fall back on the old faves).
  7. And you're not going to have a buckle or a feather in sight because you know the real deal.

    You've got the Wednesday Addams perspective on this day.

  8. There's no such thing as overdoing it, so your grocery list is ambitious.
  9. Also, you're suddenly so glad you're not in the butchery business because this turkey stuffing stuff is kinda gross.
  10. You start to realize just how much of a newb you are to this whole cooking-a-bazillion-things-at-once ish.

    It's so hard!

  11. And no one in your house is being helpful.
  12. Then you remember the turkey dance is an essential part of the preparation process.

    And this makes you so much feel better.

  13. You turn on your Mariah Carey Christmas CD, roll up your sleeves and GET AT IT.

    You got this.

  14. Of course the turkey takes FOREVER.

    Seriously. Why is it such a freaking ORDEAL?!

  15. But finally, the goodies start coming together.

    You're a culinary maestro and you've never been more stoked for that 'bing, it's done' buzzer.

  16. When the food's prepped, you've got to get yourself groomed because grease is GROSS.
  17. And you know you have to dress appropriately for the eat-tastic occasion.
  18. It's the earliest you'll ever eat dinner, but by the time it happens, you're somehow hungry as f--k.
  19. FINALLY, the food comes out.
  20. Everybody's eyeballing one another, hoping someone else will volunteer to handle the group's pre-meal Thanksgiving spiel. Since you're the host, it's on you. You can do this.
  21. Then you reluctantly participate in someone else's toast time, even though all you can keep thinking about is FOOOOOOOOD!
  22. And you're just like, 'OK, guys. Enough already.'
  23. The turkey's basically screaming for you to eat it.
  24. Somebody has to know how to carve a turkey, right? RIGHT?! F--k it, you'll give it the old college try.
  25. There's so much feasting to be done right now.
  26. Eventually, someone starts talking politics at the table, and your views do NOT align.
  27. Your demure aunt rolls her eyes at the sudden over-talking fiasco that erupts at the table.
  28. By the end of dinner, you're basically PTFO.
  29. Time to unbutton those bottoms and leaaaan back.
  30. But then you remember there's pie.
  31. Finally, now that you've spent the whole day being grateful and gluttonous with your fam, it's time to get ready for all those Black Friday sales.