31 Pics That Prove Guys Will Turn Any Phallic Monument Into An Erection

31 Pics That Prove Guys Will Turn Any Phallic Monument Into An Erection

Last week, a giant pink condom covered one of the obelisks in Sydney, Australia's Hyde Park. It was meant to spread awareness about safe sex for World AIDS Day, and one thing quickly become clear: If you erect a phallic landmark, dudes will come to take inappropriate pictures with it...





Of course, this monumental act of immaturity has a long history, which is well-documented on the internet. Here are some of the world's most rock-solid examples.

3. Everyone loves a piece of Pisa

4. This is one way to show how patriotic you are

5. In Astoria, Oregon, they bend over backwards to please tourists


6. Some days you wake up bursting with pride

7. Surely he makes up for this in other ways


8. Spanking the Needle

9. Cultural experiences should be shared with friends

lágrimas caem do meu violão

10. Cramming as much as possible into their tour

11. Paris is the most romantic city

(This phallic photographic phenomenon isn't just for dudes!)

12. Vacation is rubbing this guy the right way

13. And the medal for best junior high sense of humor goes to...

14. Ouch


15. We’re not sure this 'pose' was intentional

(Considering how many security guards are around here, the monument isn't as big as the balls on this guy...)

16. There's a little man on this medium-sized man's big ol' man


17. The bigger the beard, the longer the package

18. They really know how to enjoy life in Spain


19. We're telling your mother about this


20. It's important to take time out for yourself when traveling


21. Girl boner!


22. What kind of jewelry is on the base of this guy's tower?

açougueiro real da história de terror americano

23. DC is clearly a place for some creative stimulation

24. This girl seems to have a pretty good idea of what she's in for


25. Someone tell this poor guy he's supposed to use more than one finger


26. Funny, the rest of him doesn't look this excited


27. Almost a beautiful moment. Almost.


28. When in Rome, let your dirty mind run free


29. So this is why the cable guy was late...

30. Kama Sutra with a building


31. Someone's feeling tres bien