35 Reasons Channing Tatum's Perfection Moves Us To Tears

35 Reasons Channing Tatums Perfection Moves Us Tears

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If there's a buzzing in your ears this morning, don't be alarmed: It's just the universe itself making a joyful noise, in celebration of its greatest, most magnificent treasure.

Yep, it's Channing Tatum 's birthday.

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The 'Magic Mike' actor turns 35 today, and we've definitely gotta celebrate. He's given us so much, from hilarious comic timing to epic dance moves to movie appearances resulting in easily google-able gifs of his naked behind. It might be your birthday, Channing Tatum, but it is YOU who are the gift, TO THE WORLD.

Here are 35 reasons why the birthday boy is our forever fave.

  1. He pays compliments to perfection.
  2. He's not afraid to talk about his feelings.
  3. He's extremely coordinated.
  4. He really doesn't need permission, but he asks anyway, because he's polite.
  5. He's got a grand grande plie .
  6. He can do a mean bend-and-snap.
  7. Aw, his sad face.
  8. He can booty clap better than you.
  9. He's the kind of guy who always takes your calls.
  10. He's totally a cat person.
  11. Actually, he's a friend to all the animals.
  12. Even the slimy ones.
  13. He thinks your jokes are hilarious.
  14. He also understands that some subjects are too serious to joke about, EVER.
  15. He looks beautiful on a bed of roses.
  16. He dances upon request.
  17. And sometimes, not upon request.
  18. He accessorizes like a champion.
  19. He doesn't need words to send a powerful message.
  20. He can build s--t with his bare hands.
  21. ...Among other useful skills.
  22. Even though it's his birthday, he's only thinking of you.
  23. He's not afraid to use the L-word when it's most important.
  24. He is the visual embodiment of that little saying vis-a-vis the size of the waves versus the motion in the ocean.
  25. But he can also fill every inch... of a whiteboard. (What did you think we were going to say? Pervert.)
  26. Forget the strong, silent type. Channing Tatum COMMUNICATES.
  27. He's super smart.
  28. He's loyal.
  29. It's a privilege to be threatened by him.
  30. He'll use any excuse to whip off an unnecessary item of clothing.
  31. And who doesn't love a man in uniform?
  32. When you're not sure where to look, he gives you helpful visual cues.
  33. But let's be honest, the view is great from every angle.
  34. Especially this one.
  35. *Attempts to form a complete sentence, drools violently and passes out instead.*