37 Questions For WhitePeopleMeet.com, The Dating Site That's Exactly What It Sounds Like

37 Questions Whitepeoplemeet

As every human being knows, dating is a stressful and mostly garbage activity -- but it can lead to what many call the best thing a human can experience: love. Sometimes it's hard to find what you want out there in the world, or to find someone that wants what you offer. That's why almost 91% of single people in the US have tried online dating.

With that, special niche websites have come up depending on what you want, and anyone from tall people to gluten free singles can find each other in this vast sea of potential devotion. A new website, WhitePeopleMeet.com , aims to connect -- you guessed it -- white people with other whites.

While watching television one day while home from work, creator of WhitePeopleMeet.com and Utah resident Sam Russell had an idea.

'Every ad or every other ad was: BlackPeopleMeet.com , FarmersOnly.com , LDSSingles.com , Christianmingle.com , OurTime.com ,' Russell said to The Salt Lake Tribune . 'I was bombarded with dating sites for every walk of life, and I thought in my own mind, 'Why can't there be a website for where white people can meet?''

Oh. There's a reason, sir. But before I tell you the reason, I have a few questions.


  • Really?

  • No, I mean really ?
  • You really don't know why a website like this isn't the best of ideas?
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  • So ... Is it hard for you to meet white people?
  • Have you gone outside recently?
  • Did you know that America is 63% white?
  • Are you aware that even though that statistic is at an all-time low , that's still a lot of white people?
  • That means that most people in the U.S. are white like you, right?
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  • Also important: Is it hard to find white people in Utah?
  • Again, have you been anywhere outdoors in Utah, cause that might be your problem?
  • You know, because Utah is 89% white ?
  • Have you considered that maybe it's hard for you to date white people because of another problem with you?
  • ...Oh, you're married ?
  • She's white, I imagine, cause otherwise you would have shouted the fact of your non-white wife from the rooftops?
  • Was it hard for you to find her?
  • Did your journey of romance consist of broad terms rejecting you before you even said a word, such as 'no fatties,' 'no blacks' or 'I don't date Asians,' like many people experience every day ?
  • So, you've probably never heard 'Oh, I don't date white guys' in your own dating life, have you?
  • Even from any of the black women you claim to have dated?
  • What would she say about this site you, your wife and son made, you think?
  • If this site is where white people meet, why can other races join?
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  • Would you tell those users that your site is probably not the best place to find a mate?
  • You know, based on the fact that your site is literally called 'White People Meet'?
  • Or is the messaging fee you charge welcome for any race to pay?
  • So ... no gays, then?
  • Is it maybe your intention that this site is for white people and the people that love them?
  • Like Scruff is for men who like ... well ... men with scruff?
  • Shouldn't it be called 'Meet White People,' then?
  • Did you know 'meeting white people' is, like, every dating website, tho?
  • Because scientifically , just about every dating website is a treasure trove of white people and the people who love white people?
  • Are you aware that having this many 'No, we're really not racist we promise' about your white-centric website on your Twitter feed is probably not-so-fresh publicity?
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  • Can I ask you about your quote where you mention BlackPeopleMeet.com, FarmersOnly.com, LDSSingles.com, Christianmingle.com and OurTime.com?
  • Did you know that black people make up only 17.9% of the American population?

  • Or that there are only 3.2 million farmers in the States out of 322 million , which means that there's one farmer in every group of 100 people?
  • Or that only 44% of the 14,782,478 Mormons on Earth live in America, and a lot of them are married, leaving a paltry amount of 'LDS Singles,' as it were?
  • Or that there are plenty of Bible verses that strongly encourage (understatement) you marry another Christian, or not-good stuff will befall you?
  • Or that most men who date online are more into women in their 20s (a scientifically proven fact

    -- shame on you, men), so an over-50 dating site like OurTime.com actually helps women over 50 not find a bunch of jerkwads with mid-life crises?

  • Do you see how your site isn't actually addressing a need that exists, because it's not hard to find other white people in a mostly-white place like the United States, and instead your site could be used by people to avoid people of color completely, an act that is actually ... kind of racist?
  • Because it probably will be.

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    So Mr. Russell, why can't there be a website for where white people can meet? There are so many niche dating sites for just about everything because those things are hard to find.

    Try searching for another little person on Match.com. Try finding another furry by simply asking 'Are you a furry like me?' at a singles event and you may get maced. Hitting on the wrong dude in a bar when you're a gay man like me could get you beat up. A purpose like these doesn't exist for a website geared toward white people in a majority-white population, because 'I can't find white people' is not a problem that needs to be solved.

    Oh, and one more question: will you completely disregard these questions because I, the writer, am not white? I hope not.