5 Fast Facts About Katy Perry's New Video, 'Waking Up In Vegas'

5 Fast Facts About Katy Perrys New Video

The unstoppable, unsinkable, unflappable Katy Perry just released her latest video, 'Waking Up In Vegas,' which details the story of a wild, sleepless night in the city that really REALLY never sleeps.

So wake up, ante up, and find out five things very important things you need to know about Katy Perry's latest video.

1.) 'Waking Up In Vegas' was directed by accomplished director Joseph Kahn , who's pretty much Britney Spears ' go-to video guy. 'Womanizer' video, as well as 'Stronger,' and 'Toxic.' He directed Eminem's 'Without Me' video, which won him a Grammy in 2002 as well as a 2002 VMA , and he directed Eminem's 'We Made You' video.

2.) You're probably like 'I know that guy in the video, but I don't know his name! Who IS that guy?' The guy in Katy Perry's 'Waking Up In Vegas' video is an actor named Joel David Moore, and aside from roles on Six Feet Under , House , and Bones , Joel David Moore's also been in Dodgeball and will star in the upcoming movie, Avatar . He's also been in about a zillion commercials (basically, he's 'that guy'), including that singing Gym Class Heroes' 'Clothes Off' video , as well as Eminem's 'We Made You.' Teairra Mari and Flo Rida just filmed 'Cause A Scene' at the Palms, The Real World: Las Vegas was filmed there all the way back in 2002, and the Palms was also the location of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards , which is where Britney Spears, well, you probably know how that went .

4.) The two guys Katy kicks out of her hotel room are Vegas magicians/ comedy staples Penn and Teller -- Penn's the tall one, and Teller's the one who rarely speaks. They also appeared in Run D.M.C.'s 'It's Tricky' video back in the day. You've also probably heard Penn without realizing it -- he does lots of voiceover work for examples of glamourness -- ex-glam-ples?)

+ Now, watch the video. And remember: Always bet on black. (Or is it red?)