5 Moments Tila Tequila Might Not Want Her Daughter To See

5 Moments Tila Tequila Might Not Want Her Daughter See

First a ' Shot at Love ' … now a shot at motherhood.

Tila Tequila has a new title in her life -- first-time mom -- after giving birth to a baby girl, Isabelle Monroe Nguyen, this past Sunday.

'I am so in love with her,' Tila told pregnancy in April, posting a selfie of her burgeoning baby bump on her Facebook page.

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It's hard to believe seven years have passed since the Internet sensation infamously took over reality TV in her quest to find true love. While the relationships she formed over two seasons of the hit MTV series were short-lived, there's no doubt the bond with her bundle of joy will stand the test of time.

Let's just hope that little Isabella won't run across these memorable (and oh-so-shocking) gems from 'Shot of Love' anytime soon:

1. Remember the time Tila joined all her potential suitors in a sexy cage dance-off?


2. Or when she got down and dirty during a body painting class?

3. Or when she did endless amounts of shots in honor of her -- yup -- 'Shot at Love'?

4. Who could forget that naughty referee uniform -- all in the name of romance?

5. Yeah, there had to be a better way to say that.

Whatever the case, Tila always knew how to have a good time. Nothing better than a little fun, right? Cheers to your new baby girl, Tila!