5 Reasons Deputy Parrish Is A Total Teen Wolf Badass

5 Reasons Deputy Parrish Is Total Teen Wolf Badass

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With Stiles out of the picture on Teen Wolf — temporarily, we hope? — Scott and Co. are in need of some new blood to help save their heinies .

In comes Deputy Jordan Parrish, aka Beacon Hills' own suburban Superman. On Tuesday night's episode , the law enforcement official essentially rescued the majority of the Beacon Hills High School student body. Not only does the deputy pack heat, but he's harboring some mad supernatural powers that we don't fully understand (yet).

We do know this: The deputy has been possessed by a hellhound, a harbinger of death and creature of the Wild Hunt who protects the supernatural. A former soldier, Parrish was trained as part of a Hazardous Device Team, meaning he has extensive experience with bombs and explosives. Interesting... What else makes the sheriff's right-hand man so badass? Read on:

  1. He basically OWNED the Ghost Riders.

    While the Ghost Riders were threatening to run off with Gwen and every other BHHS student at the lacrosse party, the deputy swooped in and saved the day. We're pretty sure the horseman's fancy gun could out-shoot Parrish's pistol, but the latter still won in a stare-down.

  2. He can't be burned by fire.

    This guy has been scorched more times than we can count, yet he still comes out unscathed. This is an interesting coincidence, seeing as the blood-thirsty Mr. Douglas has a helium addiction, which, according to Parrish, is used to treat burn injuries.

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  3. He possesses superhuman strength.

    Before Parrish fully understood his supernatural abilities, he locked himself up in order to control his hellhound tendencies. (Remember when he flipped Stiles' beloved Jeep?) It didn't last long though, because the deputy miraculously bent the bars of his jail cell when he needed to go on a rescue mission.

  4. He heroically saved Lydia.

    After the villain we love to hate, Theo , left our favorite banshee in the woods to die during Season 5, Parrish scooped her up to safety in what was one of the deputy's sweetest Teen Wolf moments.

  5. He survived a major stabbing to the chest.

    While attempting to rescue Lydia again — this time from Eichen House — Theo impaled Parrish with a steel pipe, and the deputy pretty much took it like a champ.

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We admit it — there's just something about this guy that is unequivocally hot (and we're not talking about his immunity to flames). Sound off with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode of Teen Wolf next Tuesday at 9/8c.