53 Celebrities Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costumes This Year

53 Celebrities Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costumes This Year

With each year comes another group of celebs going all out for Halloween , and 2015 is no exception. Even before the holiday itself arrives, people are dressing up and sparing no expense, vying to prove themselves the Halloweeniest. With all the stiff competition, we're here to document the best of the best. From Beyoncé to the Kardashians, check out the incredible costumes of 2015 below!

  1. Kim Kardashian https://instagram.com/p/9h81auuSzK

    We have a winner, everyone. Pregnant Kim Kardashian pulled from her own closet to recreate her iconic Met Gala 2013 look . Nailed it.

  2. Pauly D Getty Images

    Surprisingly, Kim wasn't the only celeb to dress as themselves this Halloween -- Pauly D also channeled an old look of his.

  3. Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy https://instagram.com/p/9jpK_LPw2T/

    Possibly inspired by all of the 'Coming To America' chatter around her Met Gala outfit , Beyoncé, Jay and Blue dressed as Queen Aoleon, King Jaffe Joffer, and Imani Izzi respectively.

  4. Heidi Klum Getty Images

    Per usual , Heidi Klum went above and beyond with her Halloween costume design, becoming completely unrecognizable as herself and 100% creepy dead ringer for Jessica Rabbit from 'Roger Rabbit.' Bravo, Heidi!

  5. Katy Perry https://instagram.com/p/9huQqGv-SX

    She literally dropped the mic this year. How do you even contend with that?

  6. Nicki Minaj Getty Images

    Nicki became a ' fairy fking princess ' this year and put a little sparkle in all of our lives.

  7. Miley Cyrus https://instagram.com/p/9gXcziwzEy

    Miley opted for the Disney Princess with a twist approach and found her Prince Charming with four legs.

  8. Kylie Jenner https://instagram.com/p/9gkqKJHGi1/

    Kylie Jenner went as a sexy eskimo for Halloween and it kinda reminded us of Frostbyte from Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video.

  9. Kylie Jenner (again) https://instagram.com/p/9iA-Q5HGhw/

    Of course, Kylie would have two Halloween costumes. She later went as a warrior princess with some ninja sidekicks because some people don't have to pick just one.

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  10. Kendall Jenner Splash News

    Kendall, the model of the family, went for a very ~fashion~ costume: Lady Karl Lagerfeld, for which she also enlisted a friend to dress up as Karl's famous cat Choupette.

  11. Max Carver and Holland Roden Getty Images

    Also going the fashion route, 'Teen Wolf''s Max Carver and Holland Roden used blow up dolls to dress as the Spring/Summer 2016 Rick Owens runway show . Not the most recognizable reference, but for those who knew, it was an expert execution.

  12. Jessica Alba https://instagram.com/p/9fUrYvMuiP/

    Romy and Michelle had their high school reunion by way of Jessica Alba's Halloween costume, and the only thing missing was a stack of Post-its.

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  13. Kat McNamara Getty Images

    A guaranteed favorite for any 2000s kid, Kat McNamara dressed as Kim Possible.

  14. Tinashe Getty Images

    Bow wow wow, yippie yo yippie yay -- Tinashe straight up slayed this Snoop Dogg costume, dookie rope chain and all.

  15. Snoop Dogg https://instagram.com/p/9iT5JIP9CT/

    And Snoop dressed up as an actual dog. A pug to be exact.

  16. Ryan Reynolds https://instagram.com/p/9iT6_tx4GY/

    Ryan Reynolds admitted to swiping the 'Deadpool' costume he wears in the movie, so this Halloween he suited up as the merc with a mouth because, as Deadpool would say, why the f--k not?!

  17. Gigi Hadid Getty Images

    We've got chills and they're multiplyin' over Gigi Hadid's Sandy from 'Grease' ensemble. ???

  18. Justin Bieber https://instagram.com/p/9dbay6gvno/

    Justin wore his best orange afro for his Jackie Moon costume.

  19. Joe Jonas Getty Images

    Also taking a page from the Will Ferrell book of cinema, Joe Jonas replicated Chazz Michael Michaels' look from 'Blades of Glory.'

  20. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Getty Images

    The Tatums opted for the kid-friendly approach to Halloween this year, becoming Dr. Seuss' 'Cat in the Hat' times two. Chan's favorite part ? 'Jenna's tiny hat. Makes me laugh every time.'

  21. Fergie and Josh Duhamel https://instagram.com/p/9gZrT0EDN5

    Fashion lovers, rejoice! Fergie and Josh Duhamel had the ultimate Chanel-o-ween as Karl Lagerfield and his beloved kitten Choupette. Meow this is how it's done.

  22. Victoria Justice https://instagram.com/p/9hDG8YnIEK/

    Victoria paid tribute to one of her 'favorite artists ever,' Amy Winehouse.

  23. Neil Patrick Harris https://instagram.com/p/9hCAiUSTnn/

    The Force was with this family for their Halloween costume quartet.

  24. LeBron James https://instagram.com/p/9kILNNGLcV/

    There might be no better validation of your Halloween costume than having the actual person you dressed as post it to Instagram, which is exactly what happened for LeBron James thanks to Prince (and Princestagram ).

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  25. Karrueche https://instagram.com/p/9d6RS0vsQr/

    The same kind of love was given to Karrueche who expertly paid homage to Lil Kim and her 'Crush On You' music video.

  26. Ciara https://instagram.com/p/9TPT6IyHhZ/

    Ciara threw a superhero costume party for her birthday and dressed up as Catwoman in a black latex bodysuit.

  27. Beyoncé https://instagram.com/p/9QH6Eaoh-a/

    Beyoncé was somehow the least recognizable celebrity there, dressing up as Storm -- creepy contacts and all.

  28. Lily Collins https://instagram.com/p/9P87PysLvX/

    Lily Collins opted for a frilly Superwoman getup, cape included.

  29. Kourtney Kardashian https://instagram.com/p/9PtuGzk1jK/

    Though Kourtney Kardashian and her family didn't attend Ciara's party, they definitely would have fit in with their superhero costumes .

  30. Nick Jonas Getty Images

    Nick Jonas somehow managed to make the Hamburglar seem hot, and we are not mad about it.

  31. Sarah Hyland Splash News

    Sarah Hyland attended Matthew Morrison's Halloween party dressed like some cat/ballerina hybrid.

  32. Nina Dobrev Splash News

    Nina Dobrev channeled her inner Posh Spice while going out with a group of friends dressed as the Spice Girls.

  33. Colton Haynes Splash News

    Yes, that is Colton Haynes dressed as Ursula . No, you cannot unsee it.

  34. Josh Peck and John Stamos Getty Images

    Josh Peck and John Stamos both dressed up as devils, though John seems a little more committed with his all-red ensemble.

  35. Lauren Conrad LaurenConrad.com

    Because Lauren Conrad is crafty and great at Halloween, she chose to be a party animal , and nailed it.

  36. Katie Stevens Getty Images

    Adorable and comfortable, Katie Stevens went for an uncommon Halloween animal: a sloth.

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  37. Brody Jenner https://instagram.com/p/9P8VDgsIHq/

    Brody Jenner wore a beer belt and, more importantly, overalls with no shirt for his 'hill billy' costume.

  38. Chris Brown Getty Images

    This one might give you a little double take, but trust that is Chris Brown dressed as post-werewolf Michael Jackson in 'Thriller' under that mask.

  39. Rita Ora and Kyle De'volle Getty Images

    And yes, that is Rita Ora and her bestie Kylie De'volle under those Bananas in Pajamas suits.

  40. Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens https://instagram.com/p/9ST5cdTCgd/?taken-by=vanessahudgens

    Austin and Vanessa did their best Pulp Fiction impression, which involves Austin in a bolo tie and is totally cool with us.

  41. Chrissy Teigen https://instagram.com/p/9W5yjSJjQw/?taken-by=chrissyteigen

    Chrissy Teigen remains perfect, even with spiked Guy Fieri hair.

  42. Demi Lovato Splash News

    Demi's version of a Trap Queen is an actual queen of traps. Touché.

  43. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Splash News

    A family affair.

  44. Snooki, Jionni, and family Getty Images

    Not to be outdone, Snooki, Jionni and fam also channeled their respective light and dark sides.

  45. 5SOS https://instagram.com/p/9cXZ5xqS73/

    The band changed their name briefly for Halloween to 5 Seconds of Sexx, transforming themselves into an '80s hair band.

  46. Lindsay Lohan https://instagram.com/p/9eKpdDpc8M/

    Lindsay dressed up as a cat...that was also a vampire?

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  47. Ariana Grande Ariana Grande's Snapchat

    Ariana chose to be a cow because, like she told Ellen Degeneres, she 'figured it'd be cute.'

  48. Adam Lambert Getty Images

    I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what Adam Lambert is dressed as, but it's definitely terrifying.

  49. Ellen Degeneres https://instagram.com/p/9ceNjsNjAZ/

    Naturally, Ellen dressed up as lesser known Kardashian sister, Karla.

  50. Hugh Jackman https://twitter.com/RealHughJackman/status/660537077189201920

    Hugh Jackman put away the Wolverine claws and suited up as a Nintendo favorite for Halloween. It's a-Mario!

  51. Kat Graham https://instagram.com/p/9gnn_txAQi/

    Kat ditched the whole vampire scene and went straight for ancient Egypt for her lady pharaoh look. In her words, she's 'Straight outta Kemet.'

  52. Gwen Stefani https://instagram.com/p/9fZqn_OLWt

    Bloodied cowgirl? That is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  53. Reese Witherspoon https://instagram.com/p/9jLQcBChez/

    Reese was clearly inspired by the ancients for her festivewear this year.