54 Reasons Jorah Mormont Is The Stone Cold Hero 'Game Of Thrones' Needs

54 Reasons Jorah Mormont Is Stone Cold Herogame Thronesneeds


That's the magic word on ' Game of Thrones ,' and not just because it represents the fierceness of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. It also conjures up warm-fuzzy feelings about the man who says that word more than anyone else on the whole show: Jorah Mormont.

The Queen of Meereen isn't exactly Jorah's biggest fan right now, but that's okay, because he has someone else worshiping at his altar: You. If you're a 'Game of Thrones' fan and you're not head over heels in love with Ser Jorah, you're doing it wrong.

In honor of Jorah actor Iain Glen's 54th birthday, let's take a few minutes to discuss why Jorah is very much the hero both we and Westeros need right now:

  1. PSST. Have you heard how awesome Jorah Mormont is? HBO
  2. No? No problem, he'll show you. HBO
  3. Stand aside... HBO
  4. And behold... HBO
  5. ...the Mormont mayhem! HBO
  6. Not even Dothraki war lords stand a chance against Ser Jorah. HBO
  7. Instant replay: HBO
  8. Beast mode, activate! HBO
  9. Jorah knows he's a beast, but he keeps things humble. HBO
  10. Even Barristan the Bold approves of his skills. HBO
  11. (Even if Jorah doesn't always approve of Barristan.) HBO
  12. But Jorah isn't just a fighter. He's a lover, too. HBO
  13. He enjoys long walks with his Khaleesi. HBO
  14. (Even if Daenerys sometimes prefers to walk alone.) HBO
  15. He loves Dany's pets. HBO
  16. He compliments her family. HBO
  17. He always tells it like it is. HBO
  18. His advice to her is invaluable. HBO
  19. All he wants in this world is to help Dany survive. HBO
  20. Sometimes that means trying to send her far away from harm... HBO
  21. ...and other times it means killing the threats nearby. HBO
  22. Daenerys thinks Jorah is a total babe, by the way. HBO
  23. Oops, just kidding, no she doesn't! HBO
  24. Sorry, Jorah. You kind of blew it with Dany. HBO
  25. Yeeeep. About that. HBO
  26. It's okay. Jorah can handle himself in exile. HBO
  27. He makes friends fast! HBO
  28. He and Tyrion get along just fine... HBO
  29. ...assuming they're not fighting each other. HBO
  30. And assuming they're not fighting someone else. HBO
  31. Here's an idea, Jorah! Maybe Tyrion can help you out with your Dany crush? HBO
  32. Okay, maybe not. HBO
  33. Ouch. HBO
  34. Can't hang in Meereen anymore? Here's another idea, Jorah... HBO
  35. Go back North and reconnect with your inner Bear! HBO
  36. (Nope, not THAT kind of bear.) HBO
  37. Remember that he is the son of 'the old bear,' Lord Commander Jeor Mormont! HBO
  38. He is the rightful heir of the Mormont family's Valyrian sword! HBO
  39. Now that his daddy is dead... HBO
  40. And now that Longclaw's owner is (mostly) dead... HBO
  41. Maybe we'll see Jorah pick up his sword... HBO
  42. And fulfill his destiny as a White Walker crusher. HBO
  43. There's just one tiny problem... HBO
  44. Instant replay: HBO
  45. Yeah. That whole Gray Scale thing? Not great. HBO
  46. So what's a middle-aged Bear to do? HBO
  47. Just think: What Would Barry Do? HBO
  48. Would he give up on Dany and Westeros? HBO
  49. Of course not. He would continue being awesome, just like you. HBO
  50. (Maybe don't tell everyone about your cooties, though.) HBO
  51. So bottom's up, Jorah. HBO
  52. Enjoy your special Name Day. HBO
  53. And good luck with Dany! HBO
  54. Not that you need it. HBO