5SOS Release Mysterious Video Teasing Big Announcement, But What Does It Mean?!

5sos Release Mysterious Video Teasing Big Announcement

5SOS just made a big announcement... it's that they have a big announcement.

The foursome pointed fans to their 5ONTHEWALL.com website for something special, and in case you were wondering, 'this is not a drill.'


Once you head over to the website, you are greeted by TV static. All of a sudden, a breaking news bar flashes, alerting us that there are these strange symbols -- a white and yellow broken heart barely holding itself together by a safety pin -- that have been spotted all over the world.


The video then cuts to news broadcasting from around the globe, with the symbol covering all major landmarks, from The Colosseum to Times Square to even the moon.


But what does it all mean? Well, it seems, based on the countdown clock on the website, that we will find out on Wednesday 1:30 p.m. EST, but that doesn't mean the 5SOSFam hasn't been hard at work trying to crack the code of this video.

Most are convinced this could be the new cover art for their next album or EP.

https://twitter.com/Ari__Jay/status/620968934423052290 https://twitter.com/punkedcake/status/620968204723167232 https://twitter.com/chirpy_irwin/status/620971165868294144

Or 'Safety Pin' could be the name of their new song.

https://twitter.com/kidafi94/status/620972348750041089 https://twitter.com/literallyrosie/status/620973496001294336

Dancing may be involved.


You may get some 'bad brains.' BTW, this fan base is super smart.

https://twitter.com/5SOSWWReports/status/620965298712281088 https://twitter.com/lashtonwarrior/status/620971589933383681 https://twitter.com/adorxblehstyles/status/620972545177690113

Others just think it's pure world domination.

https://twitter.com/diiachayoe/status/620968955146932224 https://twitter.com/Punk5SOSUpdates/status/620967724609630208

Whatever it is, they are ready.

https://twitter.com/tipsyformgc/status/620973833525309440 https://twitter.com/jaimie_bartlett/status/620973781482274816