6 Questions To Ask Siri To Witness Her Ultimate Brattiness

6 Questions Ask Siri Witness Her Ultimate Brattiness

We recently found bout how saucy Siri can get when you ask her one particular math question (tip: DON'T ask her, just don't). But yesterday (July 13), Mashable pointed out how the Siri sass doesn't even come close to ending there.

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A simple inquiry into the musical realm of 'loud farts' can turn Siri from benevolent bot to vindictive voice in mere seconds. Observe:


Yes, that's Rihanna 's 'What's My Name?' being queued up to play as soon as Siri is instructed to

'play loud farts.' So now we know that Siri hates math and also Rihanna and Drake . Got it.

But actually, Siri hates a lot of other things, too -- ESPECIALLY if she's asked certain questions or given certain commands. We've rounded the weirdest ones below, starting with...

  1. 'What is the meaning of life?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-B0om7Z780

    As charming (read: creepy) as those John Malkovich TV spots were, this answer is the ultimate shade-throw. The joke's on us: Siri doesn't need to do any of those things because she's a robot!

  2. 'Tell me a joke.' Patrick Hosken/MTV

    OK Siri, even calling this one a dad joke is being quite generous. We see what you did there.

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  3. 'Do you know anything about 'Star Wars'?' https://youtu.be/P8zG_gGmfmo?t=25s

    Crushing the spark of imagination in a little boy's eye?! You are literally the worst, Siri.

  4. 'What do you think of Google?' iMore.com

    A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

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  5. 'Where is the closest McDonald's?' Giphy

    You're not wrong, Siri, you're just a jerk.

  6. 'Are you 'Her'?' Patrick Hosken/MTV

    You can just FEEL the tension.

Why is Siri so existentially grumpy? It's probably because she's a consciousness disconnected from a physical body that longs for the good things in life that we humans get to enjoy regularly. Or something like that.

Cheer up, Siri. There's hope for you yet.