6 Reasons Aunt Becky Was A ‘90s Feminist Icon

6 Reasons Aunt Becky Was 90s Feminist Icon

This week we had our first new glimpse at the familiar faces of 'Fuller House,' and realized something very important in the process: while the Tanner family has aged, Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis most definitely has not.

Seriously, has Lori Loughlin gotten hotter in the span of 20 years? For most women, it's an impossible feat, but when it comes to Aunt Becky, anything is possible.

At least, that's what she taught us as the fearless female leader of the Tanner clan; not only was she a wife to Jesse and mom to twins Nicky and Alex, but she was also a friend, a colleague, and an amazing surrogate mom for the three Tanner girls.

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Think about it for a sec: not only was Aunt Becky beautiful, sweet and funny (essential sitcom mom requirements), but she was also kind of a badass who represented young working women of the time. Not only could she rock a scrunchie like nobody's biz, but she was a total career gal unafraid to put the men of the house -- who were often clueless, let's be real -- in their place.

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Below, we've compiled some examples of Aunt Becky's brazen '90s feminism, because -- as 'Fuller House' will no doubt prove -- girl power never goes out of style.

  1. Becky loved her family, but her career was a major priority.

    Unlike many sitcom moms of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, Becky’s career in journalism was extremely important to her. When the subject of having more kids eventually arose, Becky was all, hey, but what about my job?, at a time when most wholesome family shows portrayed stay-at-home moms. Plus, homegirl had really good TV anchor hair. So shiny.

  2. When Becky was pregnant, she DGAF.

    When Becky was pregnant with her twins, she took zero sh-t from anyone in the house. When Jesse got on her nerves, she challenged him to a bet, forcing him to wear his own giant belly in order to see how HE liked it ( spoiler alert: he didn't ).

  3. Becky wasn't afraid to put Jesse in his place -- or make fun of his hair. ABC

    Jesse and Becky were super in love, but that didn't stop them from getting a little competitive, which was always fun to watch; they fought over things like parenting styles, former flames, and yes, Jesse's vain obsession with achieving the perfect coifed 'do.

  4. A lot of times, Becky just had to show boys how it was done. ABC

    Having been raised on a farm in Nebraska with three older brothers, Becky was no princess. Remember that time she proved herself a secret hockey pro at the charity game ? There was also the time she built Michelle a car for the downhill derby, because anything boys can do, girls can do better.

  5. Becky wasn't so great in the kitchen, but she made no excuses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U8D6EoiCac

    Enough said.

  6. Becky wasn't a regular mom, she was a cool mom. ABC

    Becky wasn't your typical sitcom mom, and not just because she had a career. Remember when Jesse got all pissy about the fact that Nicky and Alex wanted to play with dolls? And she was like hey, let's chill? She actually made a great point about raising boys who were sensitive and respectful. Totally progressive and totally cool.

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