6 Reasons We Need 'Kill Bill: Vol. 3' To Happen

6 Reasons We Needkill Bill

Despite having a bevy of what Uma Thurman has said to be 'awesome' ideas , Quentin Tarantino has been pretty darn yes-and-no about whether 'Kill Bill: Vol. 3' is ever going to actually happen. Now that the requisite 10 years the writer-director said the project would need have passed, however, the issue is very ripe for review once again.

And lo, QT has indeed dangled a fresh new carrot in front of our faces while promoting his current project, 'The Hateful Eight.'

In an interview with What The Flick?! (via A.V. Club ), Tarantino said that 'Vol. 3' is still a 'possibility' but that he'd have to 'stop short of saying a probability' for now.

Tarantino also acknowledged that the timehop between 'Vol. 2' and now fits in which his scheme since he 'wanted her to have this much time for peace' and 'to have some time with her daughter and not have to be in the genre-machine. She could actually enjoy her life for a while.'

So, is that a yes ... again? It's definitely a maybe at the very least.

There's certainly no shortage of lingering questions about the two-part revenge saga to make a third chapter worthwhile.

  1. For example, is Elle Driver a survivor or what? Miramax

    Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) was the only unconfirmed death on Beatrix Kiddo's Kill List, and while it seemed like a pretty sealed fate to get locked in that trailer with exactly zero eyeballs, the end credits made it clear that the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad death count might just have one giant question mark.

  2. Is Vernita Green's daughter still 'raw about it'? Miramax

    After slaying her mother Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) via sword to the chest right in front of her, The Bride promised Vernita's daughter Nikki Bell that if she's still 'raw about it' later in life, she'll be waiting for her. Considering Beatrix has her own kiddo, B.B., we have a feeling Nikki's little list might have more than one name on it, too.

    Not to mention, Tarantino told Entertainment Weekly in 2004 that he thinks 'Nikki deserves her revenge every bit as much as The Bride deserved hers,' so if she wants it, she'll get her shot (or stab, as the case may be) at it. The real question, then, is: WHO WOULD WIN?

  3. Does The Bride ever get a damn honeymoon? Miramax

    The Bride didn't even get a real wedding day, let alone one minute to enjoy her marriage. And even though she's taken out (most of) the people responsible for her matrimonial blues, surely she would know better than to get re-married right? If not, then, who's the lucky guy/gal? Do tell.

  4. And what about Sofie Fatale? Miramax

    Sofie Fatale (Julie Dryfus) lost an arm at the hands of The Bride, so she might have a little revenge on the brain herself -- even though Beatrix ultimately did spare her life, if only for the selfish cause of delivering a death-is-coming message to those Vipers.

    Quentin Tarantino previously told EW that he planned on Sofie getting all of Bill's money and raising Nikki to 'take on the Bride.' So, is Sofie ready for a fight at long last?

  5. Also, what would the movie be called? Miramax

    Quentin Tarantino told MTV News back in 2009 that the third installment decidedly would not be called 'Kill Bill' since, ya know, Bill has been axed (or so we think). Rather, 'it would be Volume 3 of the story of the Bride.' So ... title guesses, anyone?

  6. Plus, there's the matter of origins because WHY? Miramax

    As in, why did that church turn into such a GD bloodbath in the first place? Surely, there's more to Bill (the late David Carradine) and the rest of the Vipers than blind blood lust for The Groom. These are the kinda need-to-knows that have haunted us for a decade, QT!