6 Times Liz Taylor Of 'AHS Hotel' Taught Us How To Be A Goddess

6 Times Liz Taylor Ofahs Hoteltaught Us How Be Goddess

The Hotel Cortez might have a Countess in its penthouse, but it's got a Goddess behind its front desk.

Last night on ' American Horror Story ,' a flashback to 1984 brought us the moment we've all been waiting for: the backstory of the hotel's most glamorous, enigmatic resident. A businessman with a combover walked through the doors of the Cortez an unfulfilled caterpillar -- and emerged a beautiful butterfly, ready to fly forever on silken black wings of impeccable eyeliner.


And after realizing her destiny with a little help from the Countess, Liz has since blossomed, arguably surpassing her creator to become the most glamorous creature currently in residence at the hotel -- and teaching us all by example how to follow in her footsteps.

  • Life is too short for a boring neckline.
  • Dare to break the rules -- like mixing matte metals with rhinestones and pearls.
  • Sequins are for daytime.
  • Match your eyeshadow to your caftan.
  • Know when to let go of a dead trend.
  • And in between fashion adventures, don't be afraid to return to your roots with the look that started it all.