61 Miss Universe National Costumes Ranked By Rewearability

61 Miss Universe National Costumes Ranked Rewearability

The national costumes of the Miss Universe pageant garner a lot of conversation for being over the top and unabashedly in love with a theme. But what happens to these outfits after they hit the stage? Could any of them ever be worn again? Or are they just casualties to history after that? We took a (semi) practical look at whether any of these costumes could be worn again.

  1. Miss Trinidad & Tobago Getty Images

    Sorry, sis. This look is waaaaay too specific. Some sort of hybrid of a speaker system/lotus pod and a bird? Good luck getting people to forget you wore this.

  2. Miss Guam Getty Images

    There's an extremely slim chance that this was constructed out of real leaves, but that still means there's a chance. And if your outfit wilts, you can't rewear it. Fact.

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  3. Miss Ecuador Getty Images

    I guess technically you could rewear this if you wanted to, but I'm just not sure where I would be comfortable wearing a breezy ensemble constructed exclusively out of coasters.

  4. Miss Czech Republic Getty Images

    First of all, this is just spatially inconvenient. Second of all, it's like a dress version of an empanada. Probably best not to rewear it.

  5. Miss Sri Lanka Getty Images

    Miss Sri Lanka looks like a beautiful gift wrap bow, but unfortunately, there aren't many places you can wear a sequin loincloth.

  6. Miss El Salvador Getty Images

    Or a metallic loincloth, for that matter.

  7. Miss Brazil Getty Images

    It's a real shame for Miss Brazil (and all of us, really) that there aren't more appropriate venues for the rhinestone corset + no pants look.

  8. Miss Indonesia Getty Images

    Miss Indonesia actually won the National Costume portion with this little number inspired by the Borobudur Temple. Since it won, you're kind of obligated to retire it.

  9. Miss Dominican Republic Getty Images

    If you comment with three other places you can wear this veiled Madonna and child sitaution, I'll consider moving this up higher in the ranking.

  10. Miss Bolivia Getty Images

    This might be the most ~Victoria's Secret Fashion Show~ looking one of the bunch. That said, where you do see those looks in real life? Nowhere. Such will be the fate for Miss Bolivia's look, as well.

  11. Miss Venezuela Getty Images

    You make a very striking tree, Miss Venezuela, but even if you remove all of the yellow leaves or flowers or whatever, you still have one of Jennifer Lopez 's tour outfits .

  12. Miss Turks & Caicos Getty Images

    Same for Miss Turks & Caicos.

  13. Miss France Getty Images

    The only way to rewear this is by disassembling it and using it for parts. The beret and Eiffel Tower stitched skirt are a little too on-the-nose for IRL wear.

  14. Miss Curacao Getty Images

    Your national costume is...a human liqueur bottle? Sure.

  15. Miss Israel Getty Images

    I realize you might think you can rewear this dress, but you're wrong. Look at it compared to some of the bonkers other costumes that made their way to the Miss Universe stage. Miss Israel is conspicuously under-dressed out here. Pretty sure no one is forgetting that.

  16. Miss Singapore Getty Images

    Remove the crescent moon and splay of stars jutting out of Miss Singapore's back. Also, those leg shields. This is now a perfectly acceptable Lady Gaga circa 2008 Halloween costume.

  17. Miss Puerto Rico Getty Images

    If she wanted to, Miss Puerto Rico could rewear this for her wedding. If she wanted to.

  18. Miss Russia Getty Images

    Here's a more conservative bridal option from Miss Russia.

  19. Miss Finland Getty Images

    And a dramatic one from Miss Finland.

  20. Miss Sweden Getty Images

    Was gonna offer this as another conservative matrimony look, but I'm realizing it's a little too Katy Perry's version of the Egyptian look .

  21. Miss Lithuania Getty Images

    Miss Lithuania's outfit may not do much in the way of illustrating what Lithuania's all about, but it does look pretty enough for Taylor Swift to wear.

  22. Miss Norway Getty Images

    I'm pretty sure I've seen Lana Del Rey wearing something like this, so yea, this is rewearable.

  23. Miss Chile Getty Images

    Miss Chile has it all figured out: being the only Miss Universe contestant to be able to wear leggings on stage.

  24. Miss St. Lucia Getty Images

    Rip off the cascade of white taffeta, and this peasant top and plaid skirt look is something you're going to be seeing a lot of this summer.

  25. Miss Colombia Getty Images

    She has an umbrella! #practical

  26. Miss Switzerland Getty Images

    Look I know I was throwing shade at Miss Israel for her very subdued costume and Miss Switzerland's isn't any more exciting. The reason it gets to chill up here at the top is because of how easily you can alter it to have nothing to do with this pageant. Just snip off that flag, and it's a totally normal '90s inspired gown, and no one will remember you tried to pawn it off as your traditional national garb.

  27. Miss Australia Getty Images

    It wouldn't be very hard to join the two sides of that skirt curtain together into one maxi, and once you've done that, this is the perfect thing to wear to Coachella.

  28. Miss British Virgin Islands Getty Images

    Take both of your hands and hold them up to your screen with your palms facing these words. Move your hands up around Miss British Virgin Islands so you're almost doing the Jay Z 'Roc' hands around her. Now you can actually see that this was just a normal dress all along but surrounded by Aladdin genie lamps. You're welcome.

  29. Miss South Africa Getty Images

    Zebra print and a bodice of intricate beadwork? Rewearable, for sure!

  30. Miss Ukraine Getty Images

    This is exactly in line with the kind of high-drama gothic-leaning looks we've been seeing on runways and red carpets for the past two or three years. It may be Miss Ukraine's version of her country's traditional dress, but it is also very fashion forward.

  31. Miss Guatemala Getty Images

    I know I joked around about all the feathered, headdressed stuff, but if you squint at this outfit to just focus on the dress part, it's actually v cool and v wearable.

  32. Miss Lebanon Getty Images

    I could live in this dress TBH. It would be a pretty cozy life.

  33. Miss Canada Getty Images

    This is a genius costume and as conspicuous as it is, if I owned this, I would wear it every chance I got. Perfectly self-aware and over-the-top. OMG it's just the best.

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  34. Miss Korea Getty Images

    This flag print is rad af and super inclusive. Plus, this angular robe-like silhouette is very big right now.

  35. Miss USA Getty Images

    What? This isn't what you wear on Fourth of July??

  36. Miss Slovak Republic Getty Images

    Hope you're sitting down for this one. What makes Miss Slovak Republic's ditsy print navy gown the #1 most rewearable national costume from this year's Miss Universe pageant? IT'S ACTUALLY REWORN FROM LAST YEAR . *mic drop* Bye.