7 Advantages Of Being An Average-Looking Girl

7 Advantages Being An Average Looking Girl

I’m part of a group that makes up most of the world's population: Non-hot people. The plus sides aren't plain to see, but I’ve started to like being average-looking, because it actually does give you the social upper hand in some ways.

1. People see us for who we are on the inside

'You have a really great personality.' This is the number-one compliment average girls receive. Some might be offended by the backhanded nature of it -- and all of the hot girls I know happen to have amazing personalities as well -- but for us only halfway decent-looking people, we must cling to our charm and charisma. Good personalities are kind of our purview.

If we want anyone to listen to us, we’ve got to be pretty damn awesome. Yeah, boys, we know you aren’t paying attention to us yet... but give us a chance and we’ll wow (and woo) you with our intelligence and humor.

2. We have street smarts

We have to use effort to get a bartender’s attention. We know how to hail taxis, and then yell at cabbies who refuse to take us downtown because they aren’t going in that direction. We know how to barter at flea markets because we’ve never been given the pretty lady price.

Over the years, we’ve been toughened by not receiving special treatment, and by being well-versed in the sting of rejection.

3. We’re competitive (and good at winning)

No guy has ever offered to show us how to lift dumbbells at the gym or the sneaky trick of the pool cue. We had to learn that sh-t ourselves. So we did, and we got good at it. We also rock at beer pong, because if we sucked, we’d be kicked off the table immediately.

4. We are expert wingwomen

Oh, you want to buy my hot friend drinks? Well, guess what? You gotta deal with me too! Yeah, I’ll be here alllll night. And you can’t be mean to me because if you are, she’ll kick you to the curb immediately. Oh, you don’t feel like buying me another drink? Well, I have a sneaky feeling that I have to pee and take her with me, forever.

5. We’re not afraid to make the first move

Some people are absolutely stunned when an average girl makes the first move on a guy. What else are we going to do, twiddle our thumbs 'til that guy gets the hint that we’re into it? Nah, we have to come out and say it, or else we’ll have to lie to our friends forever saying we actually prefer being single.

All women should embrace making the first move. What’s stopping you? Go for it!

6. People don't assume we're mean girls

Now, we might very well be mean. A lot of us are! But our looks don’t intimidate other women into thinking we're plotting to steal their man. No one dislikes us out of jealousy, at least.

7. Guys tell us EVERYTHING

Sure, it breaks our hearts when we like you and you talk about how you're in love with our best friends, but in the long run, it'll work out in our favor, because we know all your secrets. (That’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway.)

In the end, who gives a sh-t about being a Plain Jane? In the future, we'll probably all live in the Matrix and choose however the hell we want to look. Beauty is fleeting, but getting free booze because of your hot friends is forever.