7 Incredibly Real Lessons 'Zoey 101' Taught Us About Life

7 Incredibly Real Lessonszoey 101taught Us About Life

Are you ready … to feel really old?

It’s time to pull out the time capsules because Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 officially turns ten today (January 9)! Yes, this means it’s been nearly a decade since Zoey and Chase had their first -- and last ( ugh ) -- kiss.

Originally conceived as a way to get Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn famous, Zoey 101 actually turned out to be pretty charming. From Quinn’s crazy Quinnventions (remember Frazz?), to Nicole’s outrageous boy-crazy behavior, and Chase’s floppy-haired adorkableness, Zoey 101 is still considered to be one of the classics for the devotees of #TeamNick.

So in honor of Zoey Brooks' first day at Pacific Coast Academy, here are seven lessons we learned about life from watching the series:

  1. Don’t let Obsessive Male Gender Disorder (OMGD) control your life. Nickelodeon

    Remember: hoes over bros. Unfortunately, Nicole (Alexa Nikolas) learned this lesson the hard way. In the season three premiere, we learned that Zoey's boy-crazy BFF Nicole was forced to leave Pacific Coast Academy after she was diagnosed with a debilitating case of OMGD. Her parents had her transferred to an all-girls' school, which is essentially like rehab for teenage girls.

  2. Do be honest with your friends. Nickelodeon

    At the beginning of season two, we met Zoey and Nicole's new roommate Lola ( Victoria Justice ). As an acting exercise, Lola pretended to be a 'freaky goth chick' to trick Zoey and Nicole, but it actually ended up terrifying them instead. Even though Lola and Zoey eventually became besties, they didn't get off to a good start.

  3. Don’t transfer schools to be with your crush. Nickelodeon

    Who didn't ship Zoey and Chase (Sean Flynn)? Sure, it took Zoey a little longer (read: four seasons) to realize just how much she liked the lovable klutz, but everyone knew these two were OTP material. All adorableness aside, moving to another country to be with your crush? Probably not the best idea.

    At the end of season three Zoey gets an offer to attend Covington Preparatory School in London, and she takes it. And after a webcam malfunction, she overhears Chase confess his feelings for her. So naturally, she drops everything (school, family, etc.) to go to him! However, Chase has the same idea. So Chase moves to Covington to be with Zoey, exactly at the same time that she moves back to PCA to be with him. The logic of young love.

  4. Don’t wait four years to kiss said crush. Nickelodeon

    If you like someone, you should probably just tell them because it doesn't do you any good to wait. Zoey and Chase took the concept of a slow burn to another level -- and we're still a little mad about it. Think of all the money they could have saved on flight tickets if they had just been honest from the start!

  5. Do give people second chances. (Logan <3) Nickelodeon

    Okay, so Logan may have been the worst for three seasons, but his relationship with Quinn in season four proved that even the biggest bro can have a soft side. Logan and Quinn 4 ever.

  6. Don't send a text without checking the recipient first. Nickelodeon

    Chase nearly ruined his friendship with Zoey over a text message fail. He accidentally sent a text to Zoey instead of Michael (Christopher Massey) saying her loved her, and had to steal Zoey's TekMate -- and sabotage the girls' shot at winning 'Gender Defenders' -- to delete the text. So maybe just take that extra second to check the recipient before you send, okay?

  7. Do practice Safe Sex. Nickelodeon

    Sorry, Jamie Lynn. We're not sure we can ever forgive you for getting 'Zoey 101' cancelled .