7 Jaw-Dropping Moments From The 'Empire' Season 2 Trailer

7 Jaw Dropping Moments From Theempireseason 2 Trailer

The first official trailer for ' Empire ' season 2 is here, and our jaws are still on the floor. The drama! The scandals! The power moves! COOKIE!

Finally, we get a closer look at the drama unfolding in the show's second season. As Andre and Cookie seek to remove Lucious as CEO of Empire Entertainment, Lucious, from behind bars, coaches his son Jamal to take charge -- and he absolutely has a few tricks up his orange prison sleeve. Meanwhile, Jamal and Hakeem continue to butt heads over their albums, and Cookie is still her fabulous self.

Get a glimpse of all the upcoming drama -- plus, first looks at guest stars Marisa Tomei and Chris Rock! -- in the trailer below:

  1. 'You always were ride or die. Always.' Fox

    We have to admit, it's pretty damn satisfying to see Lucious behind bars. That man is the garbage emoji personified. But how long will he stay locked up? With star witness Vernon M.I.A. (read: D.E.A.D.), will the state really be able to hold Lucious behind bars? And what will happen when he inevitably gets out? Cookie may not have been the one who put Lucious behind bars, but she's certainly trying to take away his power at Empire Entertainment -- and he doesn't look happy to see her.

  2. Andre makes a move. Fox

    It looks like the eldest Lyon son -- with Boo Boo Kitty by his side -- is trying to get his dad removed as Empire's CEO. We know he also has Cookie and Hakeem in his corner and that they'll be going head to head with Empire's acting CEO, Jamal. To be completely honest, we doubt Andre, Anika, Cookie and Hakeem can stay a unified front for long -- there's way to much unresolved baggage there. So... how long until they implode? We're guessing four episodes.

  3. Lucious and Jamal! Fox

    OK, despite our earlier statement about Lucious, it's kinda nice to not see him be a homophobic dick to Jamal. That being said, he's asking Jamal to start a war with his family, and we're not quite OK with that. Lucious tells Jamal that Andre 'needs to be handled,' which sounds vaguely life-threatening. Also, it really bums us out that Jamal won't talk to Cookie.

  4. Jamal wants to 'bury' Hakeem on the charts. Fox

    Through out season 1, Lucious tried to incite a feud between his sons, but TBH, Jamal and Hakeem just loved each other too much to stir up any beef. This season, however, the gloves are off. Jamal threatens to 'bury' Hakeem's album, but Hakeem, being Hakeem, shakes it off with some egotistical machismo. 'I'm going to be bigger than you'll ever be -- bigger than dad, too.'

  5. Marisa Tomei vs. Cookie?! Fox

    In the minute-long trailer, we get to see guest star Marisa Tomei, playing a venture capitalist who insists that 'Lucious Lyon is Empire. Without him, the company is nothing.' Interesting. She sounds like a major foil for Andre and Cookie's plans.

  6. Lucious is recording again. Fox

    In prison? Do prisons have recording studios? Maybe Lucious bribed an officer. If 'Orange Is The New Black' has taught us anything, it's that correctional officers can be bought. Regardless, Lucious will no-doubt get his street cred back with this prison album. Is he trying to discredit Andre and Cookie's power move from behind bars? (Yes. Yes he is.)

  7. Does Chris Rock die? https://instagram.com/p/4SsEEIOJAe/?taken-by=theoriginalbigdaddy

    Things don't look great for Lucious' fellow inmate Chris Rock. Not only do we get a glimpse of Lucious hysterically screaming 'Who did this?!' amidst a bunch of inmates, but we also see a man lying on the ground at the 55-second mark -- in the same location as Lucious' freakout. Does this mean Rock's character is doomed?