7 Moments On The 'Pretty Little Liars' Christmas Episode That Made Your Heart Stop

7 Moments Thepretty Little Liarschristmas Episode That Made Your Heart Stop

For the first time in ' Pretty Little Liars ' history, we got to celebrate Christmas in Rosewood. But just because there weren't the usual Halloween shenanigans doesn't mean that it wasn't insanely creepy. There were chilling moments as Alison introduced her new team of Liars, a surprising face returned to town, and Spencer and Hanna had a terrifying run-in with 'A' — and those are just the tip of the icicle.

There were many heart-stopping moments on the inaugural holiday episode, but we've rounded up the eight biggest ones. Let's just say that Christmas wasn't so merry and bright for the Liars.

1. Mona's Return

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No, Mona wasn't back from the dead for real, but she did show up as a Ghost of Christmas Past to haunt Alison. The girls also got help from Mona after she left them floor plans to Alison's house. Turns out she planned for her death and had documents ready for Hanna just in case she met an untimely demise.

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2. Jenna and Sydney Are Working For Ali

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It was surprising enough that Alison had a new army already, but the most shocking part was when Jenna and Sydney were revealed as two of her new minions. They're working undercover, because they think that Ali killed Mona, too.

3. Alison + Detective Holbrook Sitting in a Tree

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Aria saw Alison making out with a guy dressed as Santa, and it turns out that Detective Holbrook was also dressed as Kris Kringle at the Ice Ball. Seemed sketchy.

4. CeCe's Return

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CeCe was back from her trip abroad — and she brought Alison custom perfume, obviously — but we don't know for how long. Ali and CeCe had other girls dress as them as decoys for when the Liars chased after them, so we have no idea where Ali and CeCe went after the ball.

5. 'A' Catches Spencer and Hanna Snooping

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Spencer and Hanna were looking around the DiLaurentis house with Mona's map and found some interesting clues. But before they could escape, 'A' came in the house in a black hoodie with a knife and almost caught Spence. While no blood was shed, he or she did knock Hanna out.

6. The Truth About Bethany Young

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This wasn't as gasp-worthy, but Hanna found a letter that Bethany wrote to Alison back in the day. It all seemed too good to be true, evidence wise. Meanwhile, Ali was visited by her dead mother in her Ghost Mona dream, and all signs pointed to Alison meeting an untimely demise. According to this premonition, dead-future-Ali's legs will never be found, so only her head and torso will make it to her casket. Creepy!

7. Santa, Baby

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In an amazing heart attack moment, all of the 'PLL' guys went shirtless in Santa boxers to surprise their ladies, and Paige also dressed up — but kept her shirt on — for Emily. Spencer also put on a sexy Mrs. Claus costume for wheelchair-bound Toby.

BONUS: Merry Christmas, Bitches

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Just when things looked happy for everyone, they walked outside and saw 'Merry Christmas, B--ches — A' written in lights. 'A' sees you when you're sleeping, she knows when you're awake...