7 Signs That A Guy Wants To Be More Than Just Friends

7 Signs That Guy Wants Be More Than Just Friends

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You talk every day. You have more inside jokes than an episode of 'South Park.' He’s your buddy, your bro-ski, and, unbeknownst to him, your crush.

Plenty of relationships stem from platonic friendships -- even celeb couples like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were pals before things got steamy. But crossing the line from hanging out to going out can be terrifying if you can’t tell whether he likes you in that way. Here are seven signs that he does, indeed, want to be more than just friends.

  1. He remembers seemingly meaningless information about you

    It’s unfair to say that guys have a one-track mind; they definitely have an additional track for pizza and maybe even one for sports too. That said, most men don’t make a habit of cataloging every amazing fro yo and bad test grade their friends get. Regular mention of minor details in your life are an indicator that he’s got you on his mind.

  2. He ditches his dudes to chill with you

    You may be one of the guys, but even your impressive ability to belch the alphabet can’t compete with actual dude time. Turning down an invite to hang with his bros for some hang time with you is a pretty clear sign that he’s just totally that into you.

  3. He talks trash about any guy who you say is hot

    If every mention you make of Kian Lawley is met with an eye roll and a dismissive he’s sort of funny, I guess, it’s likely not because he’s critiquing the YouTuber’s work, but rather, that he is going to thumbs down any guy who you think is attractive besides him.

  4. He makes fun of you

    Your mom was right when she told you that boys only teased you because they had a crush on you. Numerous studies have shown that teasing is super important for compatibility. According to relationship expert Siggy Flicker , If a man teases or makes fun of you that is a sign that he is completely comfortable around you, (and can) pick up on what you would be secure and insecure about. In other words, next time he caps on the shirt you're wearing, the proper response might be Thank you.

  5. He never asks for your advice about girls

    One of the biggest benefits of a platonic relationship is having someone with genuine insight who can provide valuable dating advice. If he’s not taking advantage of that perspective -- by asking you about what the girl he has a crush on is thinking, and how best to approach her -- that girl could very well be you.

  6. He regularly compliments what you’re wearing

    For many guys, dressing up means wearing whichever shirt he owns that smells the least like mildew and ramen. If he notices what you’re wearing and goes out of his way to give you props, he’s clearly paying close attention to all things you-related. Complimenting an outfit is also a low-risk way of saying, in not so many words, You fine, girl.

  7. He lets you borrow things that are important to him

    There are friends, and then there are people whom you'll let borrow your favorite hoodie. Note that none of his guy friends seem to have the same access to his old-school Nintendo or his Beats, and observe that you’re likely being entrusted with his prized possessions because you’ve already stolen his heart.