7 Spooky Secrets We Learned About 'The Little Vampire' From Star Jonathan Lipnicki

7 Spooky Secrets We Learned Aboutthe Little Vampirefrom Star Jonathan Lipnicki

October is the perfect month for staying in and spending countless hours watching Halloween movies. Personally, I enjoy watching actual horror movies, such as ' Scream ,' as well as nostalgic Halloween movies . One such film that's very near and dear to my heart is ' The Little Vampire ,' starring Jonathan Lipnicki .

The 2000 film follows Tony Thompson (Lipnicki) as he befriends a young vampire named Rudolph Sackville-Bagg (Rollo Weeks), and the two must team up and try to end the curse that's befallen Rudolph and his vampire clan, and will hopefully turn them into humans. Not all vampires are bad, you know. Of course, the two have to battle vampire hunter Rookery (Jim Carter), whose only goal is to send all of the vampires straight to Hell.

To celebrate the film's 15th anniversary on October 27, we hopped on the phone with Lipnicki to discuss the making of the film, as well as current projects he has going on now.

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  1. Although the movie was set in Scotland, the cast filmed a lot of it in Germany. New Line Cinema

    Lipnicki told MTV News, 'We filmed in Scotland and actually Germany, Germany for more of the time. Germany was four and a half months. It was a great project. It was really fun. It was a great cast.'

  2. Lipnicki was injured during one of the flying scenes. New Line Cinema

    'I like hyperextended... my neck at the time, and we had to take a few weeks off filming... And so that was not fun, but other than that, the flying was fun, doing that type of stuff.'

  3. Oh, and he was injured a second time, too. New Line Cinema

    'I also had an accident when I was playing with my dog and we were rolling around kind of on the bed, and I was just playing rough with him... He had his mouth opened and I ran straight into his canine tooth and I ripped my lip open... I had to have my lip sewn back together, and we had to take off another two weeks [from filming].'

    When asked if anyone else got injured, Lipnicki replied, 'I don’t think anyone else got hurt from what I can remember.'

  4. He's not sure what happened to the amulet after filming, but he did keep something cool from set. New Line Cinema

    'I have pieces of wardrobe that... a make-up buddy made for me. It was like she made a picture frame out of pieces of the wardrobe and put pictures inside the picture frame of like filming and a bunch of different pictures from production.'

  5. Surprisingly people don't come up to him and recite the famous 'Nintendo duh' line. New Line Cinema

    'A lot of people really like 'The Little Vampire' [and] it’s funny because it’s one of those things that you know more so happened when it came out and was shown on TV and was on VHS and DVD, because you know it didn’t do crazy well in the box office or anything... And so it was one of those things that people kind of discovered afterward.'

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  6. Lipnicki actually didn't know how to whistle before the film. New Line Cinema

    'I didn’t know how to whistle. I worked on it really hard and then they ended up using this weird sound effect anyway. It made it sound so much louder... I think it was dubbed with the original or put through a filter.'

  7. Richard E. Grant, who played Rudolph's father Frederick Sackville-Bagg, did something quite, uh, odd in his costume. New Line Cinema

    'I remember Richard E. Grant was wearing these leather vampire pants and he kept trying to light his farts... And that’s one of the things that I really remember because I thought it was hilarious.'

  • Today, Lipnicki has several upcoming projects in the works. Courtesy of Jonathan Lipnicki

    For starters, he was in a movie with ' Orange Is the New Black ' and ' How to Get Away with Murder ' star Matt McGorry and ' Scandal ' star Darby Stanchfield called ' Loserville ,' which is currently in post-production.

    According to Lipnicki, 'It’s like a high school comedy.' He later went on to add, 'I’m really excited for [Loserville]... because it’s a very different character and I have a Mohawk in it, and I play a very weird kind of out there character.' FYI, you can check out his mohawk here and here .

    He was also in another movie called ' Limelight .' He explained, '[It] was really, really fun to do. And that’s like a drama, a darker drama.' This film is also in post-production at the moment.

  • Moreover, he's producing and working on a project, as well as working on a show, but both are under wraps right now. https://instagram.com/p/8ZFicxginHGSGqRc-NPohXE_OZ4Mev05ekrYY0/

    Lipnicki reflected on his time spent on 'The Little Vampire,' saying, 'I’m really grateful that I got to be part of that experience. It was really fun. It was a life changing experience... filming that, because it was such a long time away from home and I was young. And I got to go with my mom and my sister, and my dad came and visited, and it was such a great experience.'

Happy 15th Anniversary, 'The Little Vampire'!

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If you'd like to keep up with Jonathan Lipnicki's work, you can check out his Twitter , Instagram and website .