The 7 Stages Of Taking A Group Photo With One Direction And Fifth Harmony

7 Stages Taking Group Photo With One Direction

One Direction and Fifth Harmony have a well-documented friendship that includes clubbing, gushing over each other’s music, and being supportive whenever something bad happens. All in all, it’s the stuff of every pop music lover’s dream: seeing two of the genre’s biggest supergroups being friendly and giving us major FOMO.

So it was thoroughly exciting to see the two groups seated side by side at Sunday night’s (Nov. 22) American Music Awards, where 1D picked up two trophies and the 5H ladies were perfect presenters. Naturally, someone had to capture all nine of them on camera, and Camila Cabello posted the resulting pic on Instagram Monday night.

A photo posted by camila_cabello (@camila_cabello) on Nov 23, 2015 at 7:40pm PST

It’s a damn fine photo — dare we dub it frame-worthy? — but upon closer investigation, it looks like getting this shot was no easy feat. Take a look at just how hilariously painstaking the process was:

  1. First, the photographer captured Camila and Niall Horan looking chummy in their seats. Getty Images
  2. Then the rest of the groups wanted in, so they all gave it a shot — but Ally Brooke Hernandez, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Niall were clearly distracted by something happening to the right. Getty Images
  3. Ally snapped to, but the others apparently didn’t catch on (wasting some perfectly smoldering faces from Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane Hansen in the process — sorry, girls). Getty Images
  4. Harry and Louis Tomlinson looked a little tired by this point, because apparently this group photo was an exhausting endeavor. Getty Images
  5. Niall finally turned around and tried to get everyone to focus. We’re imagining a motivating pep talk that only someone as adorable and well-meaning as Niall could pull off. Getty Images

    Harry, meanwhile, gave someone the ultimate stink-eye.

  6. Honestly, who even knows what’s happening here??? Getty Images

    Normani Kordei is pinching Louis' little cheeks while Harry looks on. Camila's giving Harry bunny ears. Dinah and Lauren are cracking up at Niall. Ally looks terrified. And Liam? Well, he's just the model-esque MVP here.

  7. Finally, we got this: the best possible photo these two groups could muster. Getty Images

    Good job, all.