7 Steamy Chris Brown And Tinashe 'Player' Video Scenes

7 Steamy Chris Brown

Tinashe and Chris Brown released the music video for 'Player' today and, as you can imagine, it's full of steamy scenes.

Before we share some gifs depicting Tinashe and Chris intertwined in a sensual trance, let's break down the clip's concept, because it's pretty cool.


Think of this video more as a video game where Tinashe faces off against players (get it?) in various rounds. Here's how it all goes down.

Round 1: Tinashe disposes of the first cat pretty easily. Nice try, dude. Good job, good effort .

Round 2: This dancer gets pushed around and impressive dance moves do little to save him.

Round 3: Suspenders Guy does his best…only to be defeated too. FOH, Suspenders Guy.


Round 4: A girl shows up out of nowhere and dances with Tinashe. There’s no real 'Game Over' in this round, for some reason. But Tinashe wins anyway, I guess, because she's onto the next one.

Round 5: Final Round Chris Brown is CB's new nickname. In Round 5, Final Round Chris Brown and Tinashe get into this face-off using these 'hot and steamy' moves (quoting him here):

  1. The jackets come off. TinasheOfficialVEVO
  2. There's a lot of touching. TinasheOfficialVEVO
  3. See? Sensual. TinasheOfficialVEVO
  4. And they even get on the floor. TinasheOfficialVEVO
  5. Then there's this move. TinasheOfficialVEVO
  6. Wait...Why are there newspapers flying around? TinasheOfficialVEVO
  7. This one might be the winner here. TinasheOfficialVEVO

...And that's how the game ends.

If you want to see some more behind-the-scenes footage of the vid, you're in luck, because that's available here.


Tinashe wasn't playing games earlier today when she visited 'Sway In The Morning.' There, she talked about her music and dropped a freestyle like a champ. Peep that below.

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