7 Style Lessons We've Learned From Hilary Duff On 'Younger'

7 Style Lessons Weve Learned From Hilary Duff Onyounger

Hilary Duff somehow manages to always play characters who have style. From her time as Lizzie McGuire to now starring as Kelsey on TV Land's ' Younger ,' we're always dissecting what she wears to see how we can do it ourselves -- and we imagine you are too. Kelsey knows how to make office appropriate look edgy and cool, and we're all about learning from the pros.

To help you out a bit, we've gathered seven of the best looks—clothing and beauty—Hilary's worn on 'Younger' so far. So sit back, look, and take notes. Then, prepare for even more looks to cop, because 'Younger' returns to TV Land on Jan. 13, 2016 at 10/9c.

  1. Double breasted blazers are perfect for work TV Land

    Like North West, Kelsey appreciates the instant style boost you get from a double breasted blazer. This gray one with gold buttons is the perfect addition to her elevated work attire.

  2. Pulling off mixed patterns is possible TV Land

    Mixing prints is an easy way to look like the most stylish person in the room. Kelsey's striped black top and polka-dot skirt are the perfect pair. Keeping things in the same color family is the way to mix prints without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

  3. Braids don't have to look childish TV Land

    Braids sometimes seem childish, but let's face it -- they're quick and easy to do before heading out the door. This messy braid pulled back into a bun is like the adult version of the french braids you used to rock as a kid.

  4. Moto jackets = extra oomph TV Land

    Nothing adds to spark to an average outfit like a moto jacket. Kelsey's gray wool version is perfect for work, school, or wherever you feel like you could use some extra oomph in your look.

  5. Topknots need to be mastered TV Land

    Topknots are not easy to do—no matter how many YouTube tutorials we watch—but Kelsey manages to pull off the ideal combo of perfectly sleek and slightly undone, resulting in an edgy hairstyle that’s still totally appropriate for the office.

  6. Floral dresses don't have to be stuffy TV Land

    Though floral dresses can sometimes feel stuffy, Kelsey proves they don’t have to be—throw a blazer over one, pull your hair back (but not too tight!), and you’re the perfect young professional.

  7. Denim jackets are perfect for basically every occasion TV Land

    Finding the perfect denim jacket can be challenging, but as Kelsey proves, it’s hard to go wrong with a cropped one. When combined with a high-waisted miniskirt and ~statement bag~, a jacket like this is especially ideal for transitioning from day to night. It’s casual, but the different proportions pull everything together. Bravo.