7 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Victoria's Secret's Fantasy Bras

7 Surprising Facts You Didnt Know About Victorias Secrets Fantasy Bras

What has now become a defining characteristic of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show used to not even be apart of it. While the Fantasy Bra has been around almost as long as the shows themselves, they weren't always included in them -- despite being worth millions of dollars. From catalogs to the runway, we've got all the Fantasy Bra facts you need to know before tuning in to this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Dec. 8.

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  1. Six total Fantasy Bras were never shown on television. Getty Images

    The first appearance of the fantasy bra on the runway coincided with the first time the show was televised back in 2001. Heidi Klum wore the Heavenly Star Bra, which cost a v casual .5 million.

  2. The most expensive Fantasy Bra never got its moment on the small screen. Getty Images

    Surprisingly, that wasn't the most expensive of the fantasy bras, either. In 2000, Gisele Bündchen wore the Red Hot Fantasy Bra, which cost million, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive item of lingerie ever , and it wasn't even on TV for the world to see.

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  3. The least expensive Fantasy Bra was actually the first. Getty Images

    Though still way more than any reasonable person would spend on a bra, the cheapest of the fantasy bras was the first one in 1996. The Million Dollar Miracle Bra was, you guessed it, a million dollars.

  4. Two models are tied for most times wearing the Fantasy Bra. Getty Images

    As for who's donned the million dollar bras the most? Well, it's a tie between Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum, who have both worn the Fantasy Bra during three shows.

  5. Miranda Kerr modeled the Fantasy Bra mere months after giving birth. Getty Images

    After giving birth to her son in January 2011, Miranda Kerr managed to not only walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that same year, but be the star of the show in the .5 million Fantasy Treasure Bra. I have no excuses for anything I do ever again.

  6. The Fantasy Bras sometimes meet an untimely demise. https://youtu.be/9DIctqHFYAQ?t=2m40s

    On 'Ellen,' Candice Swanepoel said that her million Royal Fantasy Bra was for sale for a year and a half, and if no one bought it, it gets broken down. It was also specifically created around her body shape, so I feel like they should have just given it to her?

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  7. The 2015 Fantasy Bra is one of the tamest. Getty Images

    This year, Lily Aldridge will walk the runway in the Fireworks Fantasy Bra, which relatively speaking, is moderately priced at million.