7 Times Hanna Marin Was A Secret Genius On 'Pretty Little Liars'

7 Times Hanna Marin Was Secret Genius Onpretty Little Liars

When things get dark on ' Pretty Little Liars ,' we can always count on Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) to provide the comic relief. But lately, we've come to suspect that Hanna isn't as daft as she lets on. In fact, her consistent cluelessness might all just be a cover-up to hide her true identity as Big 'A.'

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Below, we take a look at some of Hanna's more genius moments on 'Pretty Little Liars.' And we'll let you come to your own conclusions about Hanna's 'A' status.

  1. When she revealed she's a master at forging someone's handwriting. ABC Family

    Forging her mom's signature to get out of gym class is one thing, but Hanna takes things to a whole other level by forging someone's handwriting in season three. Given Hanna's ability to mimic handwriting, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that she has more to do with the 'A' game than we previously thought.

  2. When she figured out that Maya was staying with Noel. ABC Family

    In season three, the Liars hack into Maya's website. While the other girls all want to wait for Emily to get there, Hanna gets right down to business, printing out every photo, blowing them up, and arranging them by date and location. This proved that not only did Hanna have no problem digging through personal files to find clues, but she was also a lot smarter than she put on.

  3. When she proved that she's an expert at tailing people. ABC Family

    Hanna taught Emily the art of tailing -- something she learned how to do when she was spying on her dad and his numerous affairs -- in season four. Yet another signature 'A' skill...

  4. When Mona told her she was smarter than Spencer. ABC Family

    If there's one thing we know about Mona, it's that she was always one step ahead of the Liars. And if the Original 'A' believed Hanna was smart, then she must be a total genius.

  5. When Hanna aced her 'SCTs.' ABC Family

    In season five, we learned that Hanna is not as ditzy as she seems when she revealed that she aced her 'SCTs' -- er, SATs. Apparently, Hanna scored so well, the guidance counselor called her in for cheating. We have a hard time believing Hanna would do so well on a test she doesn't even know the name of.

  6. When she went to Mrs. Grunwald for help finding Mona's body. ABC Family

    Hanna went rogue in the midseason premiere of season five, enlisting Mrs. Grunwald to help her locate Mona's body. It was a pretty smart move, given that Grunwald is a known Seer, and the information she gave Hanna proved to be invaluable.

  7. When she investigated Holbrook's alibi. ABC Family

    Once again, Hanna went rogue in season five when she investigated Detective Holbrook's whereabouts. As it turns out, Holbrook wasn't where he said he was, and Hanna got a glimpse into Holbrook's world, pre-Rosewood. We love when Hanna steps up to play detective.