7 Times Miley And Lilly Were The Truest Friends On 'Hannah Montana'

7 Times Miley Lilly Were Truest Friends Onhannah Montana

Do you know what it takes to be a true friend? It's more than just signing your cards and letters 'BFF' and being an expert secret-keeper; it's being there for someone through the ups and the downs. No dynamic duo embodied the spirit of best friendship more than television's greatest duo, Miley Stewart and her BFF Lilly Truscott.

' Hannah Montana ' taught us a lot about life, from how to craft the perfect secret identity (all you need is a wig!) to what not to do on a first date. But perhaps the show's most invaluable life lesson was how to be a great friend. Miley and Lilly's friendship was indestructible. Even at their most vulnerable moments, Miley and Lilly could always count on each other. In honor of friendship, here are seven times Miley and Lilly were the truest friends on 'Hannah Montana.' (Sorry, Oliver.)

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  1. When Lilly was the first person Miley told about her double life. Disney Channel

    In the series premiere, Lilly sneaks into Hannah Montana's dressing room after a concert and sees the lucky BFF bracelet that gave Miley earlier in the episode. Miley and Lilly have been friends since the fifth grade, so naturally, Lilly is the first person she tells about her double life as international pop star Hannah Montana.

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  2. When Miley tries to teach Lilly how to sing. Disney Channel

    Lilly, we love you, but you can't sing. In the episode 'Song Sung Bad' Miley lets Lilly record her song 'One In A Million' for fun, and upon playing it back, she realizes Lilly is totally tone deaf. Determined not to hurt her friend's feelings, she autotunes Lilly's vocals to perfect. Lilly, thinking she can actually sing, challenges mean girl Amber to a sing-off. Miley tries to teach Lilly how to sing, but ultimately relies on the power of her own voice to help her bestie out.

  3. When Miley tells Lilly the truth about Lucas. Disney Channel

    Telling your best friend that she's dating a cheater isn't always easy, but that's what BFFs are for. Lilly briefly dates her schoolmate Lucas (Sterling Knight) -- aka her first real boyfriend -- until Miley discovers he's been cheating on her with another girl. Miley immediately tells Lilly about it, but Lilly doesn't believe her at first. (Hey, sometimes you're blinded by young love, okay?) But after Lilly, dressed as her alter ego Lola, finds out that Lucas really is cheating on her, she promptly breaks things off and apologizes to Miley for not believing her.

  4. When Lilly moves in with Miley. Disney Channel

    In season three, Lilly moves in with Miley after her mom moves to Atlanta for a job. Miley and Lilly are practically sisters at this point, so living together was NBD. Until, of course, it was and Miley got jealous of her bestie. But after a brief stint at her dad Kenneth's apartment, Lilly and Miley quickly made up and Lilly moved back in with the Stewarts.

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  5. When Miley told Lilly she was moving back to Crowley Corners. Disney Channel

    In the season three finale, the Stewarts decide to move back to their hometown of Crowley Corners in Tennessee, a move that would have put hundreds of miles between Miley and her BFF. For most friends, that would have seemed like the end of the world, but for Miley and Lilly, they knew their friendship could withstand the distance. Luckily the Stewarts changed their minds at the last minute and decided to move into a nearby ranch instead -- a place that wasn't too far from Seaview.

  6. When Lilly deferred her acceptance to Stanford for Miley. Disney Channel

    Lilly was so set on going to college with Miley, she decided to defer her acceptance to Stanford a year so that they could both go to college together, as they promised each other, when Miley was rejected from the university for her lack of extracurricular activities.

  7. When Miley surprised Lilly at Stanford. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoB0y_07OGE

    In the series finale of 'Hannah Montana,' Miley, now famous for being herself and not Hannah, got an offer to star in a movie in Paris. She chose to accept the offer, which meant she couldn’t attend Stanford with Lilly. Watching Miley and Lilly say goodbye to each other (with Cyrus and Osment's heartfelt duet 'Wherever I Go' playing in the background) at the airport was absolutely gut-wrenching, and yet, incredibly realistic. Sometimes, you have to let the ones you love go so that they can pursue their own dreams.

    However, after arriving in Paris, Miley quickly realized that there would always be another movie offer, but there would never be another chance to attend college with her best friend. She promptly hopped on a plane back to California, where she surprised Lilly at Stanford -- and our hearts swelled with happiness. Cue the happy tears.