7 Times Pennsatucky Saved Your Soul On 'Orange Is The New Black'

7 Times Pennsatucky Saved Your Soul Onorange Is New Black

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In 1996, singer-songwriter Jewel asked the all-important question, 'Who will save your soul?' We have an answer for her: Tiffany 'Pennsatucky' Doggett.

The zealously religious former meth-addict was hard to love at first, but she's become one of our favorite Litchfield ladies on ' Orange Is The New Black .' With her days of bigotry (mostly) behind her, Pennsatucky will find the path to redemption in season three -- and she'll save your soul in the process.

Because we're firmly on #TeamDoggett, here are all of Tiffany's most memorable soul-saving moments. Praise.

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  1. When she stood up for her religious freedom. Netflix

    It can be hard to maintain a strong sense of self when you're locked up, but Pennsatucky has never shied away from being herself -- even if that self says despicable, nonsense things sometimes.

  2. When she told Healy that Alex and Piper were 'lesbianing together.' Netflix

    Aww. She really doesn't know any better. It's kind of endearing in a sick and twisted way. Her friendship with Big Boo is going to wonders for her vocabulary... and her dental hygiene.

  3. When she schooled us all on what the inside of a turtle tank smelled like. Netflix

    Who knew! Pennsatucky is always full of surprises. And Soso? Well, she needed a reality check.

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  4. When she did us all a solid and attacked Piper. Netflix

    Who didn't want to punch Piper in the face at least once (or twice or three times) in season one? Sure, Tiffany didn't succeed in her ridiculous plan -- instead, she got all of her nasty teeth knocked out -- but at least she tried.

  5. When she got new teeth and couldn't stop smiling. Netflix

    New teeth, new attitude! After Piper beat the crap out of her in season one, Tiffany returned to Litchfield with a new set of porcelain pearly whites -- and a slightly more zen attitude.

  6. When she was the Hillary Clinton of Litchfield. Netflix

    YASSS. Is there a prison body council? Because #Pennsatucky4President. Our girl really knows how to ~inspire~ a crowd.

  7. When she channeled her inner Augustus Waters. Netflix

    Metaphors, man. They're deep. Pennsatucky doesn't get enough credit for her way with words. We'd listen to her wax metaphoric all day, errday.