7 Times The Rock And Kevin Hart Made Us Scream 'OMG!' At The Movie Awards

7 Times Rock Kevin Hart Made Us Screamomg

For the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards , glorious hosts Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart came right out of the gate inspiring every audience member at the Warner Bros. backlot to scream 'OMG!' -- I mean, that's what they probably were screaming.

It was hard to hear the audience over our hosts making their entrance: chained and shouting, accompanied by shiny and chrome War Boys, and rocking out on the Doof Mobile from Mad Max: Fury Road .

Throughout the star-studded broadcast, our intrepid hosts kept things rolling at a hilarious pace, inspiring exclamations in the audience, at home, and definitely on social media .

See the 7 key times The Rock and Kevin Hart made us scream 'OMG!' below.