7 Times Tinashe’s ‘Superlove’ Video Showed You How To Have The Perfect Summer

7 Times Tinashe S Superlove Video Showed You How Have Perfect Summer

Summer ’16 is slowly winding down, but that hasn’t stopped Tinashe from swooping in with a music video that caps off the season on the most sizzling note.

The Joyride singer goes full-on Baywatch in her new vid for Superlove , a breezy, sugary jam that soundtracks her lifeguard adventures. The impeccably styled clip packs plenty of dance sequences and dude-rescuing into three and a half minutes, as T starts to suspect her victims may be drowning on purpose. I’d say she’s definitely on to something ...

Check out the video below, followed by seven times Tinashe and her #baewatch crew gave you irresistible summertime goals.

  1. When she made everyone go Pamela Anderson who??? while running in slo-mo on the beach
  2. When she sucked on a cherry lollipop while wearing cherry earrings, because you can never get enough cherries
  3. When she rolled around in the sand and somehow still looked glamorous
  4. When she made the splits look obnoxiously easy
  5. When she proved that all you need are a few towels to pull off some killer choreography
  6. When she saved someone’s life by practically making out with them
  7. And when she turned her daytime beach romp into a nighttime rager

Go forth and finish the summer as Tinashe would.