The 8 Saddest Animal Deaths On 'The Walking Dead'

8 Saddest Animal Deaths Onthe Walking Dead

Although the world of ' The Walking Dead ' is a brutal place for anyone to live, no matter what species they might be, let's be real: At least the human characters on this show occasionally survive.

The animals? Yeah, not so much. And last night's episode, ' Here's Not Here ,' reminded us once again that the four-legged creatures of 'The Walking Dead' are basically the redshirts of the zombie apocalypse, as an adorable goat named Tabitha stole our hearts in the first act only to become zombie fodder in the third.


Goodnight, sweet cheese-making beastie.

To honor Tabitha's all-too-short life, we've rounded up all the other tragic animal deaths from 'The Walking Dead,' in order of their sadness.

  1. Daryl's snake dinner

    He died for a noble cause.

  2. The feral dog pack AMC

    Dogs are the best, usually -- but these were bad dogs.

  3. Violet the pig AMC/Huffington Post

    Under the circumstances, Violet was actually lucky to be offed by the flu instead of eaten alive.

  4. Enid's turtle AMC

    We never had time to get attached to this turtle, but had he lived, he would have been named Ralph and everyone would have loved him.

  5. Michonne's horse AMC

    Poor Flame.

  6. Rick's stolen horse AMC

    Not only did this horse die horribly to save Rick, but he wasn't even Rick's horse to begin with, which is just rude.

  7. The piglets AMC

    Props to you if you can think of these tiny bb pigs without weeping, you monster.

  8. Buttons AMC

    Buttons' death was a senseless tragedy and we will never, ever be over it. But at least he has a nice goat to keep him company in heaven now.