8 Times Disney Channel’s Halloween Episodes Freaked You The Hell Out

8 Times Disney Channel S Halloween Episodes Freaked You Hell Out

Disney Channel may be for kids, but that doesn't mean the shows' Halloween episodes weren't super-duper creepy. From zapped eyeballs, to demon skeletons, to giant cows, Disney did Halloween just right. OK, except for Hannah Montana and Kim Possible . Both had great episodes, but neither included any seriously ~traumatizing~ moments.

Hold onto your eyeballs, fam, because we're taking a spooky trip down memory lane.

  1. When Twitty and Tawny revealed they lost their eyeballs on Even Stevens Disney

    Nope, nope, hell to the nope. Evil Ren Stevens ordered all students' eyes to be removed and stored in a handy-dandy bag for safekeeping. Gross.

  2. And when this chick also had her eyes removed on Even Stevens Disney

    Louis Stevens watched Principal Wexler and Coach Tugnut zap this poor girl's eyes from their sockets and then hid their handiwork with sunglasses.

  3. When Esteban gave that evil smile to Maddie when she dared to say she loved pizza on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Disney

    This episode was basically the reason the series lasted as long as it did , but that doesn't mean it didn't scare the bejesus out of us back in the day — and Esteban's séance shenanigans are the main reason why.

  4. When sweet Debbie Berwick turned into a crazy cyborg on Phil of the Future Disney

    Debbie wanted to bake 50,000 cupcakes for the needy, so she held the entire school hostage and forced them to make her baked goods. Plus, her deep, spooky cyborg voice was totally eerie.

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  5. When the magician turned into a freaky ghost on The Proud Family Disney

    One second, everyone was happy-go-lucky at the Proud's Halloween party, and the next thing you know, an evil ghost was holding the house hostage in the sky.

  6. When Mantooth the ghost did that thing with his face on Wizards of Waverly Place Disney

    The Russo family needed to make their haunted house super scary, so Alex Russo ventured to the Wizard World to bring back some truly ~terrifying~ ghosts. Yep, you succeeded, Alex.

  7. When Raven and Chelsea turned into cows on That's So Raven Disney

    When the spin-off series debuts, I seriously hope they remake this episode, because what's more traumatizing than becoming a cow? NOTHING. Well, almost...

  8. Whenever the skeletons showed up on Lizzie McGuire Disney

    Damn these skeletons. I couldn't watch this episode without covering my eyes because I was so afraid of them. And when Miranda and Kate hid in the school's makeshift dungeon, only to have the Day of the Dead skeletons sneak up on them? Nightmares for LIFE.