9 Disney Villains Who Were Way Better Than The Good Guys

9 Disney Villains Who Were Way Better Than Good Guys

When it comes to the villains of the Disney canon, these nine have certain things in common. They're greedy. They're vain. They're malicious, if not outright demonic.

And let's be honest: they're so much more interesting than the dull, predictable, so-called heroes of the stories in which they starred. Below, we round up the best bad guys ever to make us wish for a Disney ending other than 'happily ever after.'

  1. Ursula

    The spectacular, tentacular villainess of 'The Little Mermaid' was the best thing about this movie, and the most delicious diva under the sea. She could have eaten King Triton and all his merpeople for breakfast... and honestly, sometimes, we kinda wish she had.

  2. Cruella de Ville

    If you can get past the whole 'turning puppies into coats' thing, you've gotta admit that Cruella was one inspired fashionista, with her slinky gowns and schizophrenic hairstyle. Also, she did have a point: Anita and Roger might have meant well, but they were basically dog hoarders.

  3. Jafar

    Although he was ultimately too power-hungry for his own good, Jafar was still an impressive sorcerer, a gifted parrot wrangler, and a crafty politician in comparison to Aladdin, who couldn't even steal a piece of bread without breaking into song about it. Plus, he looked damn good in that turban.

  4. Maleficent

    You know you're the most fabulous thing around when Angelina Jolie has played you in a fairy tale biopic.

  5. Hades

    Really, the villain of 'Hercules' deserves ample credit for maintaining his sense of humor and finding ways to have a good time despite being stuck in the deadest of dead-end jobs for all eternity.

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  6. The 'Siamese twins' from 'Lady and the Tramp'

    How many times have these two pranksters tricked a dumb dog into trashing its own house? Ya walked right into that one, Lady.

  7. The Evil Queen from 'Snow White'

    We'll say this much about Queenie, here: She sure as hell knows how to lean in. (And c'mon: If some insipid little hair-bow-wearing tween took your deserved place as Fairest of Them All, you'd want to cut out her vital organs and eat them, too.)

  8. Gaston

    Gaston, better than the beastly, charming prince-in-disguise? Yes. There. We said it. The villain of 'Beauty and the Beast' might have been self-absorbed and sexist, but at least he was real about it. Whereas you just know that if Belle hadn't come back to the castle in time to break the Beast's spell, the guy would have spent the rest of his days hunched over a computer in the west wing of the castle, writing angry posts on Reddit about how 'nice guys finish last.'

  9. This big devil dude from 'Fantasia'

    Because there's no hero for him to face off against, our horned friend here might not be technically considered a villain, but he's clearly a bad boy in the Disney universe -- and we love him. Not only does he wake up once a year just to have an epic dance party with fire demons and topless harpies, but he is absolutely jacked. What's his secret?!