9 Neat Reasons Messy Girls Make The Best GFs

9 Neat Reasons Messy Girls Make Best Gfs

The world is made up of two kinds of people: 1) those who are neat and orderly, and 2) the rest of us slobs. Plenty of us girls fall in the more chaotic camp, and it’s not always obvious. Most of us are experts at hiding it until you get to know us.

It might not always be the most pleasant surprise, but rest assured that her mess comes with some surprising benefits. Here are some hidden perks of dating a not-so-neat freak.

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  1. She’s hard to embarrass

    It’s hard to date someone who is constantly worried about other people’s perceptions. You'll feel extra pressure to fit within certain limits that may not always feel natural. The best way to avoid this is to date a messier type of girl. She might be covered in stains, but the only eggshells you’ll walk on are literal.

  2. Her creativity will astound you

    Studies have shown that people with messy desks are more creative . Avoiding cleaning at all costs forces you to be even more imaginative on top of that. Messy girls have an arsenal of problem-solving skills and life hacks that neat girls have never considered. We use dirty clothes as bathmats when getting out of the shower, and have a blast being that way.

  3. She won't judge your table manners

    Any girl can delicately eat sushi and salad, but the real fun in relationships is when you can throw down on a truly disgusting meal. When it comes to choosing between classiness and hot wings, there’s no contest with a messy girlfriend -- well, unless it’s an eating contest.

  4. She won’t mind going to your place

    Though it’s usually a sign that the relationship is going well, sleeping in someone else’s apartment is not the most convenient thing. It’s not that she can’t clean her place; it’s that she has a system that works. Sure, her system happens to be chaos, but the upside is that she’ll likely be relieved by maintaining your ignorance of her pigsty for a little longer.

  5. Likewise, she probably is not in any hurry to move in with you

    Every time she relocates, it’s like an episode of Hoarders. She’ll avoid that as long as possible.

  6. Snooping won't be an issue

    If trust has been a problem for you in the past, a mess might be what you need. You’ll be less likely to indulge the same paranoid impulses to snoop if you’re worried about finding something more gross than incriminating. You’re not even going to be looking at her phone unless it’s to clean off all the pizza sauce on it.

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  7. There will always be a surface to clear off ... in a sexy way

    If you’ve ever fantasized about impulsively clearing off a cluttered desk and getting busy on it, then congratulations. With a messy girl, this can happen every time. The only difference is that you’re clearing off her bed, because she treats it like a desk.

  8. You get to be messy too

    One of the best parts of dating a messy girl is that she’s less likely to judge you for being messy yourself. Don’t stress about those dirty dishes in the sink -- they don’t bother her; they remind her of home. But be careful not to take this too far. There’s a fine line between understanding and wallowing in each other’s filth.

  9. When she cleans, then you know it's love

    It’s often difficult to tell when a relationship is getting serious, but messy girls have a clear tell: vacuuming and dusting. If she's tidying up your place or hers, she might as well be saying 'I'm falling hard for you,' because that’s what’s happening. Her love will likely endure longer than her housework habits, so enjoy it while it lasts ... and then maybe hire a cleaning service.