9 Quotes From 'Finding Carter' That Gave Us A Case Of The Feels

9 Quotes Fromfinding Carterthat Gave Us Case Feels

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When it rains, it pours .

On this week's ' Finding Carter ,' just about everyone needed a figurative umbrella: Max found out his dad was up for parole, then had a fist fight with Gabe; Elizabeth used her sleuthing skills to discover that Jared is married (yes, really) and Carter stormed out of the Wilson house and moved in with -- wait for it -- Lori.

And through it all, there were a slew of super-juicy quotes uttered by the troubled 'FC' crew -- some managed to be funny, some were bad-ass, and one was just plain heartbreaking. Here are our nine favorites:

  1. When Gabe finally says what Max has been fearing all along:

    Why we love it: It gives us an excuse to say, 'Oh no he didn't!'

  2. When Taylor summarizes the day's surprising revelations:

    Why we love it: We're also traveling through another dimension ( cue the creepy music! ).

  3. When Grant plants himself in the basement after Gabe and Max's fist fight and -- despite their urging -- refuses to leave:

    Why we love it: Grant's a man after our own heart, because we'd make popcorn and pull up a chair too.

  4. When Taylor tells Lori what she really thinks of her:

    Why we love it: It gives us a reason to point you toward this .

  5. When Elizabeth discovers Jared has a wife and daughter -- and calls BS on his excuses:

    Why we love it: Asshats, LOL

    Drake wu-tang para sempre
  6. When Jared tells Carter that his marriage isn't what it seems:

    Why we love it: Ha ha, that excuse is so old and lame, he couldn't possibly have been serious. Oh wait, he was? Nevermind.

  7. When Bird explains why she kept letting her boyfriend try to, um, pleasure her when he already had:

    Why we love it: To quote the classic film 'Wall Street,' 'Greed is good.' Get it, girl!

  8. When Taylor teases Max by saying she's jealous of his new bond with Gabe -- and he teases her right back:

    Why we love it: There's nothing wrong with a guy crush.

  9. When Liz explains to Carter why she's kinda overprotective:

    Why we love it: It touched our heart. Yeah, we're soft like that.

What was your favorite quote from this week's 'Finding Carter'? Head to the comments with your opinion, and while you're at it, tell us: Do you think Carter will forgive Jared for lying about his marriage? And will she stay with Lori for good? Then be sure to watch another episode of 'FC' Tuesday at 10/9c!