9 Reasons Ashley Benson’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Character Is Also A Superhero

9 Reasons Ashley Benson S Pretty Little Liars Character Is Also Superhero

Fans are gearing up to watch ' Pretty Little Liars ' star Ashley Benson play Lady Lisa, a video game superhero in the upcoming movie Pixels . It might seem like a big change for Benson to be playing a sword-wielding badass instead of high school student Hanna Marin.

But, if you look at some of the actions Benson's 'PLL' character has taken, you’ll see a girl displaying some pretty heroic traits. Here are nine times Hanna went full on barbarian.

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  1. She has a superhero’s backstory ABC Family

    If you recall, before Hanna was the Hanna we all know now, she was a shy and meek girl who Ali cruelly nicknamed Hefty Hanna. It was after Ali’s disappearance that Hanna was motivated to undergo all the changes (in looks, yes, but mainly in confidence) that makes her the current day self-assured Hanna we all know and love.

  2. She’s more perceptive than all of the Liars ABC Family

    Here's a few questions for you: Who first noticed Ezra and Aria were more than friends? Who figured out that Maya was staying with Noel in Season 3? Who knew her father was cheating before her own mother did? A certain blond we all know and love, that's who.

  3. She’s fearless ABC Family

    In addition to saying the above to her kidnapper, in last week’s episode we saw her not only take out the trackers Charles put in the back of the Liars' necks (which has to be one of the top 5 creepiest 'PLL' plot lines ever) but also not break a sweat when her neck was bleeding. That’s badass.

  4. She keeps it light when things are really heavy ABC Family

    Hanna always cracks jokes when the going gets tough. As we saw in the intense and awesomely terrifying Season 6 premiere , the girls were trapped outside Charles’ dollhouse for days, and Aria says, I’m so thirsty I could drink my own pee.

    It was Hanna that then broke the tension by saying, I could suck on a pee ice cube right now. Her joke puts the other girls at ease (if only for a moment.) What’s a superhero without a little bit of levity in a life-or-death situation? She’s basically Deadpool in Dior.

  5. She liberates the needy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVjeuc_AJZI

    It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. If you remember Season 5’s Christmas episode, while she worked as an elf with Caleb (whose outfit was very LOL) a mean girl was making fun of a little deaf girl named Claire. Hanna calls mini-Ali and her crew of misfit girls over and says to the queen bee, You better start looking over your shoulder, because you are making a lot of enemies and in Rosewood, bitches get buried. Whoa, Hanna!

    After she scares the mean girl away, she encourages her friends to stay and not go with her. They were scared of making the mean girl mad and Hanna guided them through their first friend breakup. Two cheers for Hanna!

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  6. She looks great in costume ABC Family

    From Marilyn Monroe to a 1920s girl to Britney Spears, it’s no wonder she looks great in a costume.

  7. She knows how to demand attention ABC Family

    Remember Ian ? From way in the beginning of the series? If you’re having trouble remembering, he was Melissa Hasting’s husband, coach of the Rosewood High School field hockey team, and an attempted murderer. (He tried to kill Spencer before A killed him and stole his body.) Fun times!

    Now, back to how Hanna can demand attention — when dressing for his funeral, she puts on a red dress — which is a big funeral no-no that usually means you're glad the person is dead. (Tell us how you really feel, Hanna.) Her mother makes her change into an appropriate little black dress, showing that even superheroes can’t go against their parents.

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  8. She has a secret identity … as a smart person ABC Family

    Think about it: She’s known as the ditz of the group, but she not only did she ace her SAT but she also made it into a bunch of colleges and scored a scholarship. And when Mona -- the first A -- calls you smarter than Spencer, that means you're smarter than the average blonde.

  9. She isn’t afraid to do what’s necessary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QCnVbDaltU

    In the face of danger, Hanna has: destroyed evidence multiple times (remember the storage space?), tailed multiple people, and pointed a gun at A. She should find work as a body guard.

Essentially, Hanna Marin is afraid of nothing, just like Lady Lisa — and probably Ashley Benson, too.

'Pixels' is in theaters now.