9 Secret Games You Can Play To Make Work Suck Less

9 Secret Games You Can Play Make Work Suck Less

Day in and day out, you get up, suffer through the daily commute and let another 8-10 hours of your life slip away ... then come home, pass out and do it all over again. How do you do it?

But don't get depressed! Here's how to make that time a little less miserable. It's all about creating games -- and no, crying on the restroom toilet isn't one of them...

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  1. The Fastest Route Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images

    It's a race against the clock as you try to set a personal record time of going from your desk to any predetermined location. You can take any route; climbing over cubicles or under desks is highly encouraged. The catch is that no one can know why you're moving so quickly, and you can't acknowledge it.

    This one satisfies a need for speed and the thrill of competition, and also makes you look busy, so your boss will (mistakenly) be impressed.

  2. Switch The Lunch Bags http://instagram.com/p/vqZ8bWwAGV/

    Take a look inside the break room fridge, which is probably stuffed to the brim with brown bags. It's begging to be messed with, and you're just the person to do it.

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    Take the contents of one bag and put it in another. Repeat as necessary. Just make sure you're around to see the magic happen -- watch as your confused coworkers wonder how a pudding cup ended up inside their bag, or angry coworkers try to figure out who jacked their ham sandwich. Depending on how many bags you've switched, you might have started World War III at lunchtime, but it will definitely be worth it.

  3. Post-It Note Adventure Hunt http://instagram.com/p/rRLh7vDF2c/

    Strategically place a few Post Its with riddles and clues, and lead your coworkers on a journey to find a hidden prize. Maybe they'll find some of their dignity along the way. Make it interesting and pool your cash together to make the prize worth it. Just make sure the clues are hard enough to increase the difficulty of the hunt.

  4. How Long Can You Go Without Saying Anything? http://instagram.com/p/x9baTfnpU7/

    Why so quiet? Because you aren't talking. You can shrug, shake your head and use all the expressions you want, but the moment you speak, it's all over. It's pretty awesome actually, especially when you realize how much certain people love talking ... and answer their own questions for you. Save some air and zip that lip.

  5. Moving Day http://instagram.com/p/l_SSEnF4LG/

    See how many things you can switch around on your coworkers' desks before they catch on. The key is to be subtle ... a few inches here, a few inches there, and they'll never notice, right? They better not, or the game's over.

  6. Secret Ninja Assassin http://instagram.com/p/vn1mBFP2O_/

    You are a ninja, and must touch your coworkers with a pencil (your sword) or with some paper clips hooked together (your nunchuks) without them catching on. Make it a competition with your whole office; the game goes until only one person is left 'alive.'

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  7. Boss Chicken http://instagram.com/p/wjt38lM8BW/

    When your boss comes down the hallway, go in the opposite direction. Don't make eye contact and don't break stride. The goal is to make your boss veer off-course before you do. Just don't get fired for bowling over your boss with obvious intent during the charge.

  8. Wrong Number

    Prank your coworkers at their extensions while pretending to be a very confused customer. This is where your acting skills come in -- so don't blow it, jerk. You lose if they figure out it's you, or if you break and laugh.

  9. Bombs Away Gregory Kramer/Getty Images

    At random points throughout the day, just randomly start firing rubber bands over your cubicle wall. Make sure you hide your ammo, so no one knows it's you. If you want to make it interesting, invite a coworker to battle. But you guys still can't let anyone else know, or the game is over. Aren't secrets more fun?