9 Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Girlfriend Smile

9 Small Things You Can Do Make Your Girlfriend Smile

Romantic comedies may lead you to believe that keeping your girl happy means blanketing her room in rose petals and taking her on carriage rides through the park. The reality, is, though, that small acts can have a big impact on her happiness. Here are some ways that you can brighten her day and cement your position as Best Boyfriend Ever, all while putting a minimal or non-existent dent in your wallet.

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  1. Wake her up with a cup of coffee

    Ugh. The blaring alarm. The cold, cold, air. The lack of blankets on the subway. Waking up is hard to do. Make it a little less painless for her by bringing her a cup in bed. You will forever be the man of her dreams.

  2. Pick some flowers for her

    Sure, fancy arrangements are nice, but even the simple act of picking her a couple cool wildflowers or trimming a bloom from your yard shows that you were thinking of her. Flowers from you will always be a way to get a smile to bloom on her face.

  3. Make her a playlist

    In the days of yore, making a mix was an arduous process that involved burning files to blank discs. Some of our distant ancestors even had to use devices called cassette tapes, which had to be carefully watched and frequently paused during the recording process. Thanks to the wonders of modern apps like Spotify, in less than 10 minutes, you can rock her world with some hot fresh tunes and suggestively sexy songs.

  4. Send her a dirty text at work or school

    Few things are as effective an anecdote for a case of the Mondays as a naughty text that details what you’re planning on doing to her later. It will keep her mind out of her cubicle and make dinner later much more interesting for both of you.

  5. Surprise her with her favorite snack and a sweet note

    What’s better than unexpectedly coming home to your favorite cookie and a message about how awesome you are? Exactly.

  6. Let her pick the movie twice in a row

    We know, we know, you just sat through that musical where people start singing for no reason. Give her an extra turn. It’s an easy way to make her smile, and you might just learn something about the awe-inspiring power of dance.

  7. Get gas for her

    That gas pump is so dirty and germ infested, and if you take one for the team by offering to touch it so she doesn’t have to, her heart will be full of premium grade happiness.

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  8. Buy her favorite magazine Seb Oliver/Cultura

    In an age where are collective eyes are constantly darting from one screen to another, the glossy pages of an actual magazine are a refreshing change of pace. Treat her to a relaxing hour of staring at good old fashioned fashion porn or food porn or whatever she’s into.

  9. Tell her she’s beautiful

    This one is, quick, easy, and you should do it as often as possible. Learn it, use it, and be amazed by how many of your annoying traits seem to bother her less.