9 Standout Lyrics From Selena Gomez’s Revival

9 Standout Lyrics From Selena Gomez S Revival

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Selena Gomez promised the 'TRUTH' on her album, and that's exactly what she delivered.

Tomorrow -- the pop star is releasing Revival -- 16 strong tracks (if you include the deluxe and international versions) that show us exactly who Selena is as an artist and as a person. To give fans a little tease of what's to come, Sel released an 8-minute video showcasing short snippets of each song...and it sounds amazing.


There is no denying that Selena has matured as an artist since her last album, Stars Dance, inviting fans into her world as she tells us all about love, heartbreak and being comfortable in her own skin.

So what did Selena reveal? Well, Genius got a look at the official lyrics for each of her songs and there are some major truth bombs sprinkled throughout the album.

So here are nine standout and revealing lyrics the pop star shared with her Selenators.

  1. Revival
    I've been under self-restoration
    I've become my own salvation

    ― Selena Gomez – Revival

    There's no better song to kick off the album than with the title track. The mid-tempo song is all about Selena coming into her own skin, breaking free and not being afraid of the future.

    Standout Lyric: 'I feel like I've awakened lately/ The chains around me are finally breaking/ I've been under self-restoration/ I've become my own salvation/ Showing up, no more hiding, hiding/ The light inside me is bursting, shining/ It's my, my, my time to butterfly.'

  2. Kill Em With Kindness https://instagram.com/p/1jmYv8ujDS/

    Selena has had to deal with her fair share of haters, but it reached its peak when she was body shamed earlier this year. The singer did say she was 'hurt' by the comments, but decided to channel it into her music, most notably on 'Kill Em With Kindness.'

    Standout Lyric: 'Your lies are bullets/ Your mouth's a gun/ And no war and anger/ Was ever won/ Put out the fire before igniting/ Next time you’re fighting.'

  3. Same Old Love

    Selena sings about a relationship that is headed downhill. She's tired of the games, the same routine and she's 'had enough.' Many may think this could be a nod to her former relationship with Justin Bieber, with whom she famously broke up and got back together several times.

    Standout Lyric: 'I'm not spending any time, wasting tonight on you/ I know, I've heard it all/ So don't you try and change your mind/ Cause I won't be changing too, you know.'

  4. Sober https://instagram.com/p/7a5jKyOjIC/?taken-by=selenagomez

    While we have no idea who this song is about, Selena obviously was writing about a pretty dysfunctional relationship where the person that she's with can never truly love her when they're sober. It's a heartbreaking song because Sel just can't seem to let this person go.

    Standout Lyric: 'You've got a hold on me/ You're like a wasted dream/ I gave you everything/ But you don't know how to love me when you're sober.'

  5. Camouflage
    You were mine just yesterday
    Now I have no idea who you are
    It's like camouflage

    ― Selena Gomez – Camouflage

    In probably one of the most personal songs on the album, as she sings about the end of a relationship, and even though she has 'so much sh--' to say, she doesn't know how since the person that she was with is no longer recognizable.

    Standout Lyric: 'You threw in the towel, I broke your heart/ But there's a first time for everything/ Who would've thought you'd feel so cold/ And all these memories seem so old/ To think you were my everything.'

  6. Rise https://instagram.com/p/8izcg4OjH5/?taken-by=selenagomez

    Selena kicks off the standard issue of the album on a positive note and she ends it with one as well. This uptempo self-empowered anthem is all about Selena deciding to ignore the negativity and focus on what makes her happy.

    Standout Lyric: 'So even when your bones feel like weights/ And it’s hard to lift the smile on your perfect face/ You can still find a peaceful place/ Close your eyes until you're floating up in outer space/ It’ll be alright, they’re just jealous of your highs.'

  7. Nobody
    [Verse 1]
    No heart, no hands, no skin, no touch
    Can get me there, nowhere enough
    To love me like you do, to love me like you do
    No kiss, no lips, no feel, no rush
    Can you keep me high, I swear no one
    Can love me like you do, can love me like you do, no

    ― Selena Gomez – Nobody

    It's hard to get over someone you love, and Selena is learning that on her song, 'Nobody.' No matter who she finds herself with she always compares them to the person of her past because no one can 'love me like you do.'

    Standout Lyric: 'No heart, no hands, no skin, no touch/ Can get me there, nowhere enough

    To love me like you do, to love me like you do/ No kiss, no lips, no feel, no rush/Can you keep me high, I swear no one.'

  8. Perfect https://instagram.com/p/47QtkaOjD8/?taken-by=selenagomez

    Selena is well aware that the person she is with has been with someone else, but instead of being filled with a jealous rage, she wants to know how and what this person has done to win over her man. It's certainly a song that will raise a lot of questions over whether or not this song is about her former relationship with Justin, since in between their on-and-off relationship, he was rumored to have dated other people. But honestly, I feel a lot of people will probably be able to relate.

    Standout Lyric: 'How does she touch you? Can I try it, too?/ I know you're twisted, but baby, I'm twisted, too/ I wanna know how she could make a man lose his mind.'

  9. Cologne https://instagram.com/p/8BO_H2OjFf/?taken-by=selenagomez

    Selena isn't holding anything back on the super sexy 'Cologne' as she sings about constantly having a certain someone on her mind, and loving herself when they are not around.

    Standout Lyric: 'Every second here without you, I pretend we're skin to skin/ Every single breath reminds me that you never, ever left/ Every time I think about you, I can feel my hand give in.'