9 Times Ariana Grande Was The Biggest 'Big Brother' Fangirl Of Them All

9 Times Ariana Grande Was Biggestbig Brotherfangirl Them All

As season 16 of 'Big Brother' officially heats up (crazy Devin rants, anyone?) the so-called 'super fans' of the series are in heaven.

In case you weren't aware, one of the most insane and fascinating things about 'Big Brother' has always been the fact that live feeds of the contestants are available 24/7. So, in addition to the three nights a week of condensed televised footage, you can watch live as players eat, drink, strategize, and most importantly, have sex. It's an all-encompassing, addicting, and extremely time-consuming hobby, that CBS' favorite super fans look forward to all year.

This year, however, following the live feeds -- whether you're watching the footage itself, or one of the many 'Big Brother' Twitter accounts that posts live updates all day long -- has gotten about ten zillion times more interesting, because Ariana Grande is doing it right there with you . Of course it's because her brother Frankie Grande is on the show, but we're still shocked at the level of commitment this very busy pop star has shown to watching the show and interacting with its fans.

We're also kind of touched at how sweet Ari is to her big brother as he navigates the treacherous waters of 'Big Brother,' so behold, the nine times Ariana was the #BB16 fangirl of our dreams:

1. When She Started Running A 'Big Brother' Twitter Account

This takes conviction.

Ewan Mcgregor cantou em moulin rouge?
https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/480496809135964160 https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/486045303569911808

2. When She Dove Into The Live Feeds

Live feeds are not for the faint of heart.

https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/485300267714228224 https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/485301040133455874 https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/485299750325870592 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/487167159831781376

3. When She Took Some Stellar Screengrabs

It's an acquired skill.

https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485311374046670848 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485304014251114497

4. When She Interacted With Fan Accounts

Glad we're not the only ones.

https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485312392105295873 https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/486592395077636096

5. When She Knew The Difference Between Good And Bad Game-Play

Good game-play: saying your famous family member is a college student. Bad game-play: fangirling over your famous family member's songs with a shady character like Victoria.

https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/487168356881936384 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/484905222796357633

6. When She Couldn't Stand Devin

diferença entre jock coceira e herpes

He's fascinating, but also the worst.

https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/484880291631091713 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485953642067816448 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485951248202354689

7. When She Shipped #Zrankie

Who doesn't? They're adorable!

https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/484907051525480448 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485956846889336832

8. When She Had Some Actual BB Influence

This might come as an annoyance to some people, but we think the twist of a major pop star influencing the 'Team America' decision is kind of amazing.

https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/486040915992010752 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/486040074824339456

9. When She Was Just So Adorably Supportive

Don't we all deserve an Ariana Grande cheering us on?

https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande/status/486620452245078018 https://twitter.com/FrankieJGrande/status/485538888924942336

Say it with me now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww