9 Times Charlie Hunnam's 'Sons Of Anarchy' Nudity Broke Boundaries (And Hearts)

9 Times Charlie Hunnams Sons Anarchynudity Broke Boundaries

Tonight (December 9), after seven long years and seemingly numerous gory deaths, ' Sons of Anarchy ' will take its eagerly anticipated 'final ride.' Of course only time will tell what type of legacy the enormously popular show will leave behind, but its influence on the pop culture TV-scape has already begun -- mostly on cable, and largely due to its unflinching portrayal of violence, but there's another aspect of 'Sons' that has rubbed off on viewers worldwide: Its unapologetic depiction of male nudity.

Now, before you hit the comment section to yell at me about objectification, realize that objectifying female bodies on TV -- cable and network -- has been the norm since the dawn of time. 'Sons' is interesting because it's a predominately heterosexual male-skewered show starring heterosexual male actors, but it manages to depict sex without the heavy dosage of male gaze that dominates pretty much every other sexual encounter on television. (Yes, even you, 'Game of Thrones.')

Sure, 'Sons' doesn't have anything close to a perfect record when it comes to gender equality (just ask the poor gunned-down hookers of Diosa), but as silly as it might sound, making Charlie Hunnam 's rear end just as big a focus as Tara's or Wendy's breasts during a sex scene is a step forward. It can get tiring for women, seeing the same ol' lacy bra and panties-happy sexual encounter on show after show after show, so bravo to 'Sons' for frequently trying new things when it comes to TV hookups. (Venus and Tig!)

So to honor this step forward in equal-opportunity objectification, let's remind ourselves of all of those groundbreaking nudity moments, (mostly) starring Charlie -- err, Jax:

  1. Here's Jax paying homage to the female gaze. FX
  2. Here's Jax letting the lady take charge. FX
  3. Here's Jax standing up for his naked dude rights. FX
  4. Here's Jax cleansing himself of that female gaze. FX
  5. Here's Jax making sure his 'special friend' is having fun. FX
  6. Here's Jax finding happiness in the small things. FX
  7. Here's Jax, inspiring Filthy Phil to hire a trainer. FX
  8. Here's Tara, being our audience surrogate. FX
  9. And finally, here's Juice, letting Jax know that he's not the only dude in town who doesn't skip butt day.

'Final Ride' indeed, emIright ?