9 Times Kylie Jenner's Hair Looked Exactly Like A Bratz Doll

9 Times Kylie Jenners Hair Looked Exactly Like Bratz Doll

Everyone just can't stop talking about Bratz dolls this week. In case you missed it, one artist reimagined what the fashion-forward toys would Kylie Jenner ’s. Seriously.

I know it sounds crazy, but we were convinced she's sported some of the dolls most infamous ’dos before, and after some research, we think we're onto something, y'all. Check out some of their most similar looks below!

quantos anos tinha tammy wynette quando ela morreu
  1. Sleek And Straight Bratz/Getty Images
  2. '90s Baby Buns Bratz/X17
  3. Blunt Bangs Bratz/Getty Images
  4. Deep-Parted Curls Bratz/Getty Images
  5. Long Mermaid Locks Bratz/Splash News
  6. Cool Girl Crowns Bratz/Getty Images
  7. Super Voluminous Waves Bratz/Getty Images
  8. High-Shine Ponytails Bratz/Getty Images
  9. Bright Blunt Bobs Bratz/Getty Images