9 Times 'The Vampire Diaries' Needed Jacob Black, And It Didn't Even Know It

9 Timesthe Vampire Diariesneeded Jacob Black

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When ' The Vampire Diaries ' first premiered, people could NOT stop comparing it to ' Twilight .' And, yeah, sure, there were A LOT of similarities inherent in both the formula and that pilot episode, but it quickly became apparent that — though these were both vampire romances — the two vampire stories were different (fanged) beasts.

That being said, it’s hard not to think about how these worlds could crossover. After all, they both have werewolves, vampires, and morally-complicated love stories. Emphasis on the werewolves. With that in mind, here are nine times we wish Jacob Black (aka Taylor Lautner ) had shown up on 'TVD.'

  • When Tyler REALLY needed a friend. The CW

    Tyler pretty much always needed a friend because, let’s face it, he is not always the easiest person to love. Also, his family members kept dying, which was really sad. Also , Jacob is generally anti-vamp and, in a town full of vampires, Tyler (and bros Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert) could have probably used some more muscle-y friendship. Jacob would have been an easy addition to their bro-team.

  • When we really wanted the 'TVD' dudes to show more leg. Summit Entertainment

    You know what 'TVD' could use? More jean shorts. Sure, Bonnie occasionally rocks them, but we’re ready to see some of the dudes on this show off some leg. All I’m saying, if they can write a bowler hat into this show, then they can write in some jean cut-offs.

  • When Elena and Matt went off of Wickery Bridge. The CW

    Hey, you know who’s a great swimmer? Jacob Black! The dude dives off of cliffs into the monstrous sea FOR FUN. If Jacob had been around that time Rebekah forced Matt and Elena’s car off of Wickery Bridge, then maybe Elena would never have died and turned into a vampire. Then again, that probably means we never would have had Delena, so — on second thought — maybe Jacob could have been busy that day?

  • When Klaus was in town. The CW

    Dude needed some serious zen directed in his direction, and we think Jacob Black may have been the werewolf for the job. The two could have hung out, talked about their relationship woes, and compared hair grooming tips. You just know that, if Jacob had been around, Klaus and Caroline would have worked things out AGES ago.

  • Whenever anyone in Mystic Falls needed a shirt. Summit Entertainment

    'Don’t worry, bro. I got you.' — Jacob Black, giving his shirt to a shirtless bro in need, probably

  • Or whenever anyone in Mystic Falls wanted someone to validate their shirtless existence. Summit Entertainment

    Sometimes, you just don’t want to wear a shirt. OK, Edward?!

  • Whenever anyone was trying to justify robbing the cradle. Summit Entertainment

    If you think about vampire romance too long, you start to get seriously creeped out about the age differences typically inherent. Damon and Stefan are, like, a billion years older than Elena. They could probably use Jacob Black, and his seriously questionable imprinting on Renesmee, to make them feel better about the situation.

  • When it was revealed Caroline was having Alaric’s babies. The CW

    Yep, this just happened. And, yep, you better believe Jacob and his limited (but existent) knowledge of weird, supernatural vampire pregnancies would come in handy. TBH, the Mystic Falls crew needs all of the help they can get in this department.

  • Pretty much always.

    Let’s be real: Jacob would pretty much always be a welcome addition to the 'TVD' cast of characters. Not only is he a fun-loving dude who knows how to fix motorcycles (you’re welcome, Stefan), but he’s someone who prioritizes family and friendship above all else — which the 'TVD' gang could pretty much always needs reminding of. Even if the Salvatore bros do heart one another so much.

    What I’m saying is: the Salvatores and co. are not exactly the most morally-impressive band of supernatural characters. Perhaps Jacob Black’s friendship could save them all.

    Also, the shirt thing.

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