9 'Arrow' Characters Who Need To Come Back To Life

9arrowcharacters Who Need Come Back Life

Nothing is impossible — certainly not on ' Arrow .'

Last night's midseason premiere ended with the major reveal that ( SPOILER ALERT ) the presumed dead Oliver Queen is very much still alive… even though he was very much dead, for at least an hour or two.

The CW

Not that we're shocked to see Oliver return from the grave; the show is called 'Arrow,' after all. And it's not even clear that we're setting a new precedent here. Didn't Oliver kill Malcolm Merlyn at the end of season one? How did that evil bastard crawl his way back from the great beyond, anyway?

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In any event, it turns out that resurrection is very much a thing that can happen in the 'Arrow' universe. How it's possible is another story, but it's absolutely possible. And since it's possible… how about we start looking at some of the dearly departed we'd love to see back from the dead?

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  1. Sara Lance The CW

    Sure, sister Laurel looks like she's taking over the family business just fine, but how could we say no to the original Black Canary's return?

  2. The Original Count Vertigo The CW

    No disrespect to the great Peter Stormare, but give us Seth Gabel's Joker-inspired take on the Count every day of the week. Bring him back, or at least bring him bacon.

  3. Brother Blood The CW

    Another of Oliver's foes, Sebastian enjoyed an excellent run throughout the second season of 'Arrow.' If he's dead, then okay, that's fine. But Kevin Alejandro's performance was so good that we'd be totally fine with a Blood-y comeback.

  4. Ra's al Ghul The CW

    Just saying it preemptively, because A) this guy has totally been dead before, B) he'll totally be dead again, and C) he will absolutely come back to life for the gillionth time. Count on it.

  5. Ray Palmer's girlfriend The CW

    That would be pretty spooky for the future Atom. Then again, what if she's not even dead to begin with? That would be so very 'Arrow.'

  6. Barry Allen's mother The CW

    Sure, it's a different show, but 'The Flash' exists in the 'Arrow' universe. What if Barry hears about Oliver's resurrection and tries to use whatever dark arts were involved to save his mom? Chances are better that he'll resort to time travel, really, but you never know.

  7. Robert Queen The CW

    Recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, in front of Ollie's very eyes no less, is no easy feat. Then again, Oliver survived getting stabbed in the heart and dropped off a cliff. What better way to spook Starling City's very own vigilante by rolling out his very own not-so-dead dad?

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  8. Moira Queen The CW

    She always had an extra trick up her sleeve. What if Oliver and Thea's mother had a break-in-case-of-death-emergency contingency plan in place with former lover (and Thea's baby daddy) Malcolm? In fact…

  9. Tommy Merlyn The CW

    If there's one character who seems especially ripe and likely for resurrection, it's Tommy. We've seen Colin Donnell's deceased playboy return to the show numerous times post-mortem, as recently as this season. He's Malcolm's son, and he bears the name of Oliver's greatest nemesis in the comics. Could we see Tommy make a comeback, only to return as Ollie's most unexpected foe? Think of Tommy as the Winter Soldier to Oliver's Captain America, and tell me that it doesn't sound awesome. I dare you.