9 'Harry Potter' GIFs That'll Prepare You For Freddie Stroma On 'Game Of Thrones'

9harry Pottergifs Thatll Prepare You

The magical casting connection between ' Harry Potter ' and HBO's ' Game of Thrones ' just got even stronger, with Freddie Stroma a.k.a. Cormac McLaggen joining the show's sixth season as Dickon Tarly.

Dickon is the younger brother of Samwell Tarly -- who, last time we saw him, had ditched Jon Snow and the Night's Watch to play house with Gilly and her baby. And although he is younger than Sam, he is considered the heir to Horn Hill with Sam in the Watch, which was apparently a designed move by their father, who definitely plays favorites among his kids and wanted his youngest son to inherit the bounties of House Tarly.

So, we can probably expect someone who is the exact opposite of sweet ole' Sam to come along for the new season -- and we're pretty sure Stroma's turn as the Gryffindor Quidditch Keeper who had quite a shine for Hermione Granger tells us all we need to know about what's to come from him on 'GoT.'

  1. Like the fact that he can probably be spelled by a clever witch pretty easily. Warner Bros.

    Remember when Hermione's little from-the-bleachers Confundus spell almost knocked Cormac right off his broom? Yeah, Melisandre would have a field day with this one if they ever cross paths (for his sake, we hope they don't).

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  2. Also, it's 100% FACT that Freddie can *really* make something innocent seem suggestive, as evidenced by this broom shot. Warner Bros.

    Just imagine what this would look like if it was a sword, with HBO's TV-MA rating breadth and the twisted mindspace of George R.R. Martin involved? Everything about him could be phallic is all we're saying.

  3. He's already got the smug entitlement thing going on. Important. Warner Bros.

    Imagine Ron is poor Sam, and it's the perfect casting decision, right?

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  4. He's definitely a daddy's boy. Warner Bros.

    As the heavily favored Tarly son, it's not hard to see why.

  5. He can be a bit of a troublemaker. Warner Bros.

    As the heir to Horn Hill, Dickon's going to want to play by the House Tarly rules, but if he's anything like his 'Harry Potter' alter ego, he might not always be thinking with the right brain, if you know what we mean. He has a 13-year-old wife in the series, so there's that.

  6. He's an eat first, ask questions later kinda guy. Warner Bros.

    Chances are, the young squire is privy to a constant feast over there in his neck of the Reach, but if he ever has to hang through a winter like his less-celebrated little bro Samwell has, well, he better not be picky.

  7. The good news is, he's totally handsome. Warner Bros.

    Arrogant or not, he's got looks that kill. Which might just be enough to float him -- at least for a little while.

  8. He's also pretty sure of himself. Warner Bros.

    If he's going to be a leader -- which is what his pop fully intended when he expelled Sammy to the Night's Watch -- he's gotta be able to shrug off the haters.

  9. His smirk is appropriately ambiguous. Warner Bros.

    Like most Westerosians past and present, with the exception of Sam Tarly, a smile does not always mean good news, and from the looks of Stroma's little grin here, he's got the requisite amount of faux chum going on.